Sony XA9000ES mods?

Who does the best mods on these solid beasts?
I am finally moving up to top line Wadia, EMM or Esoteric
and am considering modding the Sony instead of selling it.
Sell it. Does not add value, or in most cases a better listening experience.
A 9000ES modded by Reference Audio Mods or VSE should get very close to the others.
Is there any reason to believe a VSE modded XA9000ES is likely to be superior to a VSE modded DVP-S9000ES? I use an unmodded DVP-S9000ES with video processing turned off as my CD/SACD player. I take digital out for CDs, and use the DACs in my Proceed PAV/PDSD pre/pro. I've wondered whether the XA would be noticeably superior. Of course, the DVP doesn't do analog surround.

AFAIK, VSE primarily strokes the analog section. RAM works over clock and power supplies into the transport section.
Dgarretson, when you stated "a (XA)9000ES modded by Ref Audio Mods or VSE should get very close to the others" -- what 'others' are you speaking of? Thanks.
Dbphd, as far as I can remember, Allen does not modify the XA9000ES nor its predecessor, the XA777ES.

So, if I'm not looking for a mod in the near future, would a XA9000ES offer noticeable 2 channel sonic advantage over my DVP-S9000ES (in video-off mode)? I've never heard the XA. Anyone compared the two?

I'm sorry but I confused the two Sony models. I friend of mine extensively modified his DVP9000. He claims that with mods to clock, power, and analog section, this piece gets reasonably close to his modded 777ES. One good thing about the DVP9000 is that used units can be acquired cheaply for sparing purposes.
Anyone still using either of these players?