Sony XA7ES vrs Cambridge 840C and others...

The Sony XA7ES gets a lot of praise even for it's 10+ years age. But, is it better than newer Cambidge 840C or Jolida JD-100A or even the Rotel RCD-1072? Granted the Sony is built like a tank but at 10+ years it's going to need some parts like a new laser. Is the Sony XA7ES really that great? And does it stand up to the newer players in overall performance?
Haven't used XA7ES, but in general, digital components like CD players and DAC have matured fairly significantly in the last decade. The state of performance available only to the top of the line gears in the 90's can be had for very reasonable price today. If you have personally heard and liked particular vintage digital gear, then by no means get it. If you are going by the reviews and opinions, you're probably better off buying one with recent design.
I've owned both the Sony XA7ES and Jolida. Both are okay, but I think you'd be happier with the Cambridge 840C. Getting replacement parts for the XA7ES could be a show stopper if you ever need to get it repaired... then your left with a $700 boat anchor.
I have had the 840c since the week after the TAS review.
It replaced the Rotel RCD-1072 I had at that time.
I have no experience with Jolida or the Sony.
The 840c is superior in every respect, even with HDCDs, vs. the Rotel. Additionally, I had tweaked the Rotel with a HiFi Fuse, internal damping, footers, isolation base and Bright Star top, and a gold Furutech iec inlet. This was much more detail than stock, but no where near the performance of the 840c.
Look at a Sony XA9000 SACD.
I've owned the XA7ES and it's a great player at its price range. However, I've heard replacement parts for the XA7ES are kind of extinct. I would suggest that you forgo this player as once it breaks down the player is as good as dead.
THe Cambridge can be had from audio advisor who will take it back if you don't like it.
Thanks for a your suggetions. In this case newer is better. I will be checking out the Cambridge 840C.