Sony XA7ES to replace Ahh Tjoeb

I just posted about a new/used cdp for my system about 3 or 4 lines below. I have seen a used Sony XA7 ES in my price range. Does anyone have an opinion?
I've got an XA7ES. It's been in my bedroom system & is always on, (unless I leave town), since I traded a Jeff Rowland Consonance for it approx 4 or 5 years ago.
Dependable, beefy, and it has the variable out (single ended). I'm using the balanced outputs right now, into a Pass Aleph pre-amp. It still sounds at least as good as most one-box players I've heard.
very nice CD Player ( @ about $900 used or so ? ) but it does suffer somewhat from having a captive Power cord. An upgraded cord WOULD benefit, but that's Sony arrogance for you.
The XA7ES kicks the ass of that puny ah tjoeb noisemaker. Let's see: Sony's statement redbook player that sold for $3k, or.... a bottom of the line marantz piece of crap with some ho-hum tube distortion stage tacked on as a way to sell more (pricey) 6922 variants... figure it out. (it's not too hard!)

Xa7ES is a great player, even now. Sure, there's better stuff out there (SCD-1 for one) but, they are almost always more $.

Amazing Player, 35 Lbs of pure class A. Excellent bass and speed , can't beat it for the money. I had a detachable cord unit installed on mine and put an Elrod on it "WOW" go for it. I think the best player they ever made.
Did you know that CD is moved rather than the Laser mechanism...just like the PiTracer!