sony xa777es vs xa5400es

I had a XA5400es for a few months now I'm auditioning the XA777es.
I hear the 777 having less timing errors than the 5400.
Likey because 777 is much heavier
Do players need to be heavy to have better timing or have they solved that problem
This player is very supprising how good it sounds..
Well balanced w/excellent timing

I own the XA777ES (10 years old now, I guess) and the XA5400ES and much prefer the newer player. Well, it's hardly new - three years old.

In my system, CD playback on the 5400 is significantly better than the 777ES; and SACD is somewhat better on the 5400. My 777ES was moved into the bedroom system when the 5400 arrived.

The build quality on the XA777ES is far superior - the machine is a tank. But for sound quality, the 5400 is my choice.

This player really takes a long time to break in and show its best.

What exactly do you mean by "timing" in the context you're using it?
I hear xa777 locked in with the correct pace
The musical phrases connect
Maintaining cohesiveness which allows for emotion