Sony XA5400ES vsCambridge Audio 840C???

I have seen these two players compared to other high end players in the threads,... but never to each other. Is there a clear winner in sound quality, or is it too close to call?? (NOTE: The 840C has been discontinued in favor of the 851C. Not sure if the Sony 5400 has been discontinued in favor of a new model) All comments welcomed. Thanks, Jim
I owned both players. I sold the Cambridge and kept the Sony. The 840C was good but a little to bright in my system, plus the Sony offers SACD, which is substantially better than redbook on either player. Plus, with the sony you can go the ModWright route, which takes the Sony to a completely different level. The Sony will be the winner in most peoples systems.
I own the Cambridge Audio and consider it my back-up for my Ayre. I recently bought a PS Audio Premiere Power Plant and it has made a remarkable improvement in the Chambridge as well as my VPI Classic. That being said, I love the higher resolution from SACD and so I would go Sony, too.
"Plus, with the sony you can go the ModWright route, which takes the Sony to a completely different level."

Key word is "different".
Sony has a much better warranty and its service is way ahead of Cambridge.
To me, it's not that it's too close to call, but rather the players are different enough that it comes down to persoanl preference/system/room. Though both seem to arouse strong negative and positive opinions, maybe because both received some extremely positive reviews. And Mapleshade will mod the Cambridge, so other options there too, for a Different sound.
The stock Sony 5400 beat out an Audio Research CD8 ($8000) when I compared them at length.

I own the 5400 and have absolutely no regrets.
Thanks to those who have responded so far. It makes for interesting reading. See my thread about "modding" equipment especially is you own a Sony 5400. Has proved to be a very worthy inquiry into the quest for the best sound. Jimbo