Sony XA5400es vs XA777es for sacd

I just concluded 3 month compasrison of these two models-
In my opinion the xa777 has more bottom weight & musical satisfaction w/SACD then xa5400.
For Redbook the xa5400 is better..
The 5400 sounds good w/sacd until you compare w/777 then the difference is apparent.
That would explain why one is heavier & origionaly cost double.
Does anyone hear the same?
I agree, at least in my system the 777 was better, so I sold off the 5400. I tried both over a six month time frame before I made the decision to give up the 5400. Next comparison, after the holidays will be with an oppo. I still think SACD is an under appreciated media form. I have dual copies of some titles and the SACD is vastly better, at least to my ears.
Since I didn't think much of my XA777, you've sure disabused me of any thoughts about buying an XA5400 :-)
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11-09-13: Metralla
I do not own a SCD-777ES but do own an extensively modified XA-777ES and bought a 5400. The list price was half the list price of the XA, and it probably weighs half as much. It's made in Malaysia and not in Japan, and is not quite up to the same construction standards.

But the sound of the 5400 bettered my modified XA-777ES and it continued to improve over a long period. It has been very reliable, plays every disc without issue, and has a delightful engaging "analogue" sound. One of the most enjoyable players ever made.

I still have the XA in my bedroom system.

Metralla (System | Answers | This Thread)
I wonder how system dependent Fishing's comparison might be. Through a Cary Cinema 11a I preferred the sound produced by the Oppo 105 to that of the 5400ES whether connected HDMI, SE, or XLR. Now stereo from both go through a Parasound JC-2 analog preamp, and I think I prefer the sound from the 5400ES. Pairing the 5400ES with the JC-2 really brought it to life.