Sony XA5400ES lack of bass when new?

I just recieved this player from American Theater & set it up.
I know it has to break in of course but the lack of bass is surprising. (Nothing below 100hz)
Is this normal for a new unit and many hours to hear an improvement.
Other than that it sounds pretty good.
Interesting query. I look forward to the responses as I have been thinking of one of these units myself.
I've had mine since early June. I don't remember it being as bass shy at first listen as you seem to be experiencing. It did smooth out some over the break-in period but I thought it sounded pretty darn good right out of the box.

Compared to other good units I have tried in the past year: Lexicon RT20, Bryston BCD-1, Meridian G08, Modwright Sony 9100ES, Musical Fidelity A5; As espected, the 5400 is great for SACD playback, but quite surprising on redbook cds. That's what sold me.

Lack of bass below 100Hz is not a break-in issue. It sounds like a set-up issue to me. Re-check your connections, switches and audio menu selections.
"(Nothing below 100hz)"

If you have confirmed this with measurements, the player is defective.

Or are you speaker figuratively?

My experience was that the bass increased in suppleness and tunefulness over a period of a few hundred hours. It got slightly deeper, but not so much. The bass became more integrated into the music and developed more propulsion in songs where the bass really drives it along.

I noticed the bass right away. It was more prominent than my modified Sony SCD-XA777ES. Still, hang in there - break in does vary from unit to unit.

tim (tkmetz), would you please explain and detail the sonic differences between the sony5400 and your forme meridian and musical fidelity cdp on RBCD? is there difference in overall SQ (are they in the same league on RBCD)? in what system do you use it?
I too purchased one a few months back. I've owned a lot of players and I enjoy this one as much as any I have ever had.
(various Sony's including an SCD-1, Meridian 508-24 and G08,
Ayre, Cambridge 840c)I wanted a player for both formats and I have not been disappointed at all.
To your point, I have not found the player to be bass shy at all. Just the opposite. It has very deep and powerful bass when called for. It does this with extremely good definition and delivers what is on the disc. The player has excellent drive and a wonderful overall smoothness. I just can't complain honestly.
Using stock cord?
"Nothing" below 100hz was an exaggeration but meant insufficient.
The bass is better after 24 hours but will check my connnections.
Otherwise I had a SCD-1 for 9 years & the 5400 is tighter + more musical.
Like a window into the recording session
Are you using HDMI outputs or analog outputs, or a digital output? If HDMI, check that your Priority switch is in the 2 channel position.
Like many others here, I have found the Sony 5400es to have appropriate levels of deep bass right out of the box. However, its bass definition is not as good as that of my Cary Xciter DAC (using the Sony as a transport via a 0.5 meter coax cable). I suppose my Sony is still in its break-in period (thanks, Metalla and Bigtee, for hope that the Sony's bass definition will improve). But it's an excellent RBCD and SACD player overall, and a bargain.
Analog outputs in 2 Channel position.
I checked the back
I also had an SCD-1. The 5400 outclasses it in every way except cosmetically. The SCD-1 is one of the finest looking pieces of audio jewelry I've yet to lay eyes on. Is anybody running XLR interconnects on their Sony 5400es? Was wondering if this player was a fully balanced unit. Don't see it advertised as such. I guess it would be a no brainer if it was. Just curious if anybody could give a little insight.
It appears that your unit may have been defective. Why didn't you return it for another one?