Does anyone know how Redbook CD sound compares on these 2?
The Denon is very good but the Sony is better.
I owned both. I sold the Sony . It was pretty good with SACD, but was terrible with CD's.
Really? The Sony has some of the best redbook playback I've ever heard plus it is built like a tank.
Thanks Narod. It sounds like you had the chance to evaluate both. Is this correct? If so, any more specific comments?
I think both are good. I can't imagine anyone thinking the Sony's CD playback is terrible. That is certainly not my impression. Again, the Sony is the best built machine I have ever seen.
I owned both at the same time . Side by side one machine to the other, the Denon is MUCH better in CD playback.
The Sony soundstage was extremly flat with no depth.
Only with SACD did the Sony sound good.
I couldnt wait to unload it.