Sony xa 777es + Audio Aero Prima Dac

Sony xa777es is one of the very best sacd player according to
reviewers and many users, Audio Aero Capitole MK2 cd player is
one of the best redbook cd player again according to their
comments (it is 8600$)and AA Prima DAC has the same topology
with Capitole beyond it has not volume control and tansport
so how intresting to couple xa777es with AA prima dac and cables
almost 7000$ but having very best cd player + very best sacd player is great benefit if you have already preamplifier and
Other important issue is ,you can easily sell and buy Sony sacd players without loosing great deal in every 2 or3 years
due the improvements on sacd technology (comparing,if you have 8-10K SACD players such as Lindemann or Classe)
Is there any body uses xa777es being cd transport with Prima or ECD1,Enkianthus etc.. dacs ?
I would save the money on the DAC and have the sony modded if you deem necessary.

Ben, I think you and I have similar ideas. I'm using the XA-777ES for SACDs (excellent) and as a transport for redbook CDs. However, I'm using the Chord DAC64 for redbook replay. You ought to consider the Chord, it's outstanding.