Sony X55-ES CD player... thoughts?

Hey guys - I just picked one of these up on the cheap (1$). Hooked it up, sounded almost as good as my Arcam Alpha 7 CD, with stronger bass, but weaker sounding mids. Does anyone know anything about this CD player? It is very, very heavy...


I am with you. I find the differences in digital gear is subtle - they are there but these differences tend to be dwarfed by individual recording quality (good CD versus bad CD). The difference between a $300 player and a $10,000 player is much less than the difference between a $300 speaker and a $10000 speaker. Or no room treatments versus a complete $10,000 rennovation with acoustics in mind.
Agreed, however, I have never gone back to back with a Rega (or similar) CD player. I was just shocked that there was virtually no info out there on the internet about this CD player!
I had a Sony TAN80ES amp for a few years too - there was nothing written about it either but it was a solid amplifier that performed well, IMHO. I think some people just assume all Sony gear to be crap but it isn't necessarily always the case. They may not be top of the league tables but they make some good products.
There is indeed not much to find on this player. As a former owner of a X559ES I can vouch for the quality of these older cd players. Also no problem with cd-r's.
The only problem is that it is hard to find replacement parts, so if it fails, it's probably the end. But for your enormous investment (although you could buy a bank these days for that kind of money) it's a great buy.
Ha, $1 can buy a major financial institution these days... This CD player is currently only being used in my bedroom system and once it dies, I'll go back to my - free - Nakamich OMS-1 (with missing powerbutton). The display is really amazing though! So many options to play with...
Is it an x555 es or just the x55. If it is an x555, i owned one for a long time. it dates to 1991, and was sony second from top of the line back then. very solid player and sounds pretty good. It does not compare to my Naim player but it was excellent value for money.
I would hope the Naim would be incomparable! It is the X55es (not the 555 or X55). I could not find any info real info on the internet, other than the fact that it has a heavy copper chassis.
Hi There!

Spend a little bit more, find a X77ES. You will be amazed. This is a real shorcut to high end for a small money.
It beats Krell Kav250i.


XA5400ES, perhaps?

(N.B.: It is likely an error in the Sony information that described it as a changer.)

The X77ES has the same drive like the legendary R1 or R3, full metal basis, a very precise reader. Also with an excellent DA with even balanced output. Alos there is an option for optical and SDPIF output.

The new 5400ES, its brand new dech, I don't know the sound, but if it has the same DAC like my DVP-NS9100ES what I tested against the X77 at my home, I can tell you the 5400ES won't have a chance.


As Dan Modwright if there is modification for this unit.
You will be surprise,How good this unit will sound.I have
my 9000es modified,never look back.
after thinking about it, this is the player i had. it was solid and sounded very good for the money. i think i paid 700 for it new back in 91. the transport started to go, so i gave it to a friend in colorado.