Sony WEGA 60 LCD KF-60WE610

I'm looking at getting this TV (Sony KF-60WE610; a rear projection LCD). I don't care about weight or slimness I just want a great picture. I will feed it 480P DVD's and HD signals via satellite. I was looking at the Sony KP-65WV700 but I want the best picture I can get. If anyone wants to suggest yet another option in the at or under $4000.00 price range at 60" or bigger.

Thanks. Brent
Spend your money on the KDF60XBR950, just shop the $5,499.99 price tag. The contrast ratio, brightness, and color saturation are leaps beyond the standard Wega line.
At this point in time the DLPs are better than the LCDs, especially in terms of contrast, brightness and black level. If size and weight are really not a consideration, I would go for a CRT rear projection, but it must have the superior DVI input.
Netman2000; Well, I started looking at a Sony 57" 510 series CRT rear projection at $1500 and I'm up to $4000! I just don't know where to draw the line. If I opt for your $5499.99 price range someone else will come along and say why not spend $7000.00 and get X TV? I'm streching it at $4000.00 I'm actually leaning bact to the Sony KP-65WV700 CRT rear projection.
This is something I did not know. I just got HT Magazine in the mail and in it a Letter to the editor is from a guy that noticed at several different stores 5 LCD model TV's with burnt out pixels. From this letter and the editors response about LCD and DLP displays needing to have bulbs replaced every 2-3000 hours I personally would steer away
from this technology at the moment, and stay with a CRT display. You can take this over to the experts at the AVS Forum, but Im a little surprised as I had a future eye on That Sony 70 inch LCD.
I have to agree with the suggestion to stay with a CRT display -- at least for now -- I don't think the different types of displays have worked out the kinks as of yet.
Best of Luck