Sony VW10HT Projector

Would like to hear from someone who has first-hand experience setting up this projector. I'm considering a purchase, but my room setup for the next year or so will preclude ceiling mounting...will likely have to use it on a low table, about 10-12' from the screen. Screen width would likely be about 60", and the bottom of the screen about 2' above the projector. My question is, will this cause significant keystoning, and will the electronic keystone adjustments correct for it? I've read that the 10HT works well with short throws...true? Any other viewpoints on this projector would be greatly appreciated.
I have one. It took a month for my dealer to ceiling mount it. In the interim, it was on a coffee table, 12' back. You'll have some keystoning, but the correction will take care of works pretty good. Mine is about 14 feet away and I have it on a 100" screen now. Go for a bigger screen if you'll work on a 60" but bigger is better.

Sat is avg at best. I'm considering a external line doubler. DVD is very sharp.
I have had a 10HT for about 4 months now. I too am unable to mount it to the ceiling (also unwilling to pay $300 for a mount). I made a mount out of a wood platform and wood braces for about $30. It is 12ft away from a 108" Draper screen 1.3 gain. Works very well.
I would recommend against getting one as big as you can. If I could do it again I would get the Stewart Grayhawk roughly 90" screen instead.
The digital keystone will correct the problem if the projector is not on a true flat surface. But it was frustrating enough to set that I just made sure the mount was level. With a 10-12' throw, you should be fine for at least 72" screen. Let me know if this helps.
If you haven't bought it yet, wait and buy the vw11ht. I've seen it and it looks a lot better.
Thanks for the tip...I figured the 10HT was due for an update. Any info on how the 11 differs from the 10?
I have the 11, the differences include better contrast (still not specified as a number though), 2/3 pull down, longer bulb life are the most talked about. Check out forums, there is one dedicated to the 10HT. Also check out Steve Smallcombe (on that site) he has developed a program (an excel spreadsheet) that works with the AVIA setup disk. It is an awsome tweek for the projector. Really guides you through it. The downside of the 11 is that only special dealers carry it and this can keep the price higher than it should be.
BTW, the 10HT is being discounted to under 5K these days and is still a great projector. Steves program is called SMART II if you are doing a search.

Hope this helps
Thomas Tomczak