Sony UHP-1 experience?

Sony has a new Universal Player out and it's getting good reviews.  I have a lot of SACDs and also Blu Ray Audio and some DVD A as well, and I always want to make sure that there are players at reasonable prices.  The Sony also plays High Res pcm and DSD .  On the Video side it doesn't do 4 K and some reviewers think this is fatal flaw but My concern is audio.  The player goes for $350.00 at Best Buy.  Has anyone here heard it?  It seems like it might be a great replacement for the Oppo 105, now discontinued 
Interesting Mahler. Just the fact it will play Hi-Res and output in 2 channel analog makes it very interesting for me. It would open up new avenues of listening at virtually no cost. Thanks for bringing to my attention. :)
It does upscale to 4K--that's a big plus too.
I've been watching Blu Rays with with my Panny TV speakers. I'm encouraged to buy this Sony UHP-1 just for the ability to play Blurays through my main stereo. It's about time Sony brought out something like this.There must be millions of analogue only audio systems out there to take advantage of this.I guess Sony realizes they've tapped most of the buyers who always upgrade and see this as a possibly significant market expansion. Makes sense to me and I'm going to try one very soon.
I've had mine since it was released last May. We love it. It's the best picture we've seen on our Panasonic plasma. The music from CDs and SACDs sounds very good to me. I've never used CD players that cost more than $500 but I've had some very nice ones from NAD and the Sony competes well with  them.

It can also stream all kinds of audio and video. It's well made and has worked perfectly since day one.



For years I've wanted to use my system for audio with our Panasonic plasma but it only outputs multi channel digital so I've never been able to use one of my DACs to get audio from the tv to my system.

Well, got one of these; REI DA34X ($55), to convert the multi channel optical out signal from the Panasonic to stereo with analogue out to my amp. We now have great sound for the tv. Robert Plant on Austin City Limits sounded great last night. You might want to check it out.



Thanks, samac 

Very interesting Samac. How does the sound of the 2 units compare?
Just reviewing the Sony UHP-1 and find it also has USB input on the front to make it a DAC for your computer. This is great.

I haven't done a focused comparison of the UHP-H1 and the REI DAC I'm using for the tv. I will say that I do prefer the sound  watching movies with the Sony over streaming and the sound from the REI.

The Sony has a bigger more dynamic sound. I'm not surprised though. I got the REI strictly for the tv since I couldn't use external speakers with my DACs and amplifier since our Panasonic only outputs multi-channel digital signals

I have been perfectly happy with the REI. The audio from the Panasonic now sounds very good with good tonality and frequency response and dialog is great and is easy to follow.


Thanks! for sharing- All

in 2017 there will be an "ES" version released.

Very cool; I didn't know that. Thanks for sharing, jafant. If it comes in at a reasonable pice I would be very interested. I would be very interested to see what the UHP-H1 could do with such things as a better power supply and sturdier chassis.



Ah, that's the one Sony announced back in September that looks like the UHP-H1 but will do 4K. I do hope they "hot rod" it more than just adding 4K. It would be great if they made the audio as outstanding as the video. The UHP-H1 video is already excellent.


I'm with you Scott. I'm sure Sony could build one to outclass the OPPO 105 or 205D at lower cost; if they want.
Right On! samac

it would be good of Sony to return to form on its "ES" line.
This is an excellent opportunity to deliver the goods (no pun).

The flipside of this coin would be for modders to "trick it out" like ES spinners of the past.
Didn't see much detail about the unit's internal DAC in terms of the supported rates, etc. Also as for audio, does it do any upsampling and would it qualify as a good option if used just for just 2-channel audio? I'm trying to decide to either upgrade my current CDP - older JVC, or get a DAC instead and use the CDP just as a transport. This unit is right within my budget of <$500.

The UHP-H1 has a feature Sony calls DSEE HX which Sony says "upscales" mp3s and CDs. I don't know if that's Sony's word for upsampling or not. I haven't engaged it. I'll try it in the next day or two and hear if it makes an appreciable difference.

I use the UHP-H1 primarily for watching movies and spins disc every once in awhile. I have a/b'd it a few times with the DAC in my streamer. In fact I just took about a fifteen minute break from composing this post to a/b a couple of songs. The Sony was on for about fifteen minutes and the streamer stays on all the time.

Whenever I do this I hear the same thing. The streamers DAC is a bit smoother/refined and quieter with a little better tonality and layering of the music. I can enjoy music from either the Sony or my Bluesound streamer but for long sessions the Bluesound is a bit more relaxed and easier to listen to. I will add that I think the Sony sounds great with dvd/Blurays.

The differences aren't huge and it could come down to the fact that I use a WireWorld Equinox IC on the Bluessound and a Luminous Audio IC on the Sony. I'll try the DSEE HX setting and give an update.

Bottom line is that for $350 the Sony sounds great and can be used in systems for an outstanding picture and good solid sound.


sumac, thanks for the feedback. Coincidentally, I have a Bluesound Node 2 so your input was particularly helpful. Appreciate it.
I'm confused; but I must buy myself a present for xmas;friends and ex's are dead-- Sony or OPPO 105D?--and spend the difference on Tidal //

Jafant, you may not be interested.

UHP-H1 Brand: Sony Country/Region of Manufacture: China UPC: 027242892279

Good catch- jetter.

Yes, unfortunately, I will pass.
I have tested the uhp-h1 for two,weeks on marantz pm8004 and totem hawks, and i confirm this is not a high quality audio product.  Compared to my yamaha bd-s677, the sony compresses the sound on both cds and sacds to a level i thought was impossible in 2017.  
The video is ok, but the OS is not only slow and buggy, it is retard. 
Stay away from this unit.  This a sony scam.

Sorry to hear that, Chris.
However, if I were to buy the unit, I would be using the digital outputs, essentially just using the Sony as a transport.  Can you give us a review based on the digital outputs?  After all, the unit goes for around $300, so I wouldn't expect it to have much of an internal DAC, with Sony probably figuring that most people would be using digital outs
I can’t test it as a transport, because my msb dac is so outdated and underperforming next to my yamaha bluray. I am sure the sony would make potentially a fine transport though as the spdif pcm output goes beyond 96khz.  However, it does lock up from time to time, and you have to have a screen on to play cds as the disc application does not start on its own.
Thank You for reporting- chrisr

Happy Listening!