sony tts 3000a tonearm setup question

Hi - this is my first post (I just joined), so I'm not totally sure how this works. I just bought a used Sony tts 3000a turntable. Got the melted belt off and a new one on, attached the dangling audio techica cartridge to the headshell and determined it's working. Its tonearm is a complete mystery to me - many adjustments I have never had on my previous turntables. The biggest problem is even with the counterweights as far forward as they can go, the tonearm floats up and won't set down on the record. If I add an external weight to the top of the headshell as a temporary fix, it plays fine and sounds quite nice. Is there a way to post a photo and ask for assistance on how to set this tonearm up? I assume it's the stock tonearm the unit was sold with, but don't know that for sure. Also interested in any opinions or other information about this turntable. It has the biggest base of any turntable I've ever seen!! Many thanks!!
You need to tell us what arm this is. The top Sony arms of that era were the PUA-237 and PUA-286 and they are fairly complex to set up.

You can google those names and see if that's what you have. If so, I have the user's manual for them.

Thanks - I did a search for those tonearms. This site:

leads me to think it's the PUA-286 - it looks as if that model has a cueing lever and the other does not. If you have a way of sharing the user's manual, that would be great, especially because when I tried to print the webpage above, I couldn't.

Many Thanks!!!
You should have it by now. BTW, the only difference between the two models is their length.