Sony TA-N55ES

Have this amp and always thought it was decent for what it is.Just happened to browse through Ebay and noticed they where selling for $300 to over $500.Know Ebay over prices  things but what gives?I wouldn't buy the amp for $500!
Wow! There are a bunch of these for sale on Ebay for $300+!
I should try and sell mine... Decent amp, but like you said - worth maybe $100-$150.
Not using mine and was wondering if I had missed something! Have tried to trade it on Craigslist a few times but no takers,always asking to trade for my vintage NAD 3020 or MARANTZ 2220B and the answer was NO!
Hey, someone just listed (on Audiogon!) a 1980 vintage Yamaha CA=810 integrated for $599.00.  It listed for $430.00 36 years ago and Ebay completed sales are in the $175-$300 range.  User name PTBarn, I guess ;-) 
I bought a TA-N55ES years ago on ebay for a tad over $100. I remember this amp well because the Fedex delivery guy got about five feet from my porch and just tossed it on. I couldn't believe it. The amp was undamaged and worked fine.

My impression was the amp gave a crystal clear presentation. I liked that amp. Sure wouldn't pay more than $100 for one now. Ebay sellers are nuts.

Am I the only one who fights the urge to send them an email telling them they're wasting their time?
I guy I worked with gave me the Sony amp for free cause all he had and liked where McIntosh amps and his wife said he had too much equipment around the house.Would have taken a McIntosh of his hands but the Sony was a decent consolation.