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I have a Sony Ta 808es amp which my dad gave to me, I recently checked transistors of amp which located at the bottom. There are 8 main transistors, 4 of the are SONY brand (with S logo), the other 4 are Toshiba brand ( with T logo). Amp plays perfectly good, no buzzing or any distortion or any defects in sound. Should I really concern about the transistors, do they really effect any how. Cause one of my friend just insists it effects, and that bothers me..

Thank You
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I would ask your father if it has been serviced ? If the 4 Sony and 4 Toshiba transistors are on separate channels, doing the same thing within the circuit, I would assume it has been serviced, and the Sony transistors were no longer available to the servicer. Sony transistors and Toshiba transistors might measure the same, but many feel ( as I ), that they can sound different, given everything else is identical. If it is 2 Sony and 2 Toshiba per each channel, this might be either or, as Liz indicated.
Thank you very much ! Then I really don't care what they say actually.. I set up the system looks fine, thank you again guys
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TA-F808ES uses both S & T type mosfets, so i believe the unit is still in factory state. Do not change unless you have the confirmation that amp was serviced and mosfets were changed. If in doubt check following site:
In Japan it was sold under F555ES name.