Sony TA-E1000 ESD question

Anybody remember this beast?

My uncle is sending me one. Does it have any optical inputs? I want to run an optical output from my Mac G5 computer into it with a good signal.

The Sony has 2 optical digital inputs, 1 optical digital output, and 1 coaxial digital output. The inputs can be assigned to any input function with the 80+ button remote or using front of panel buttons.

I hope you are getting the manual with the preamp. It is well written and a necessity for getting the most out of this piece
Thanks Alexander. No, I am not getting the manual. Could you possibly post istructions on how to assign the optical input to one of the input buttons on the front of the unit?
the manual can be downloaded from Sony's web site. I don't remember exact address but it's simple.
Try to download the manual from Sony. It is really a necesity. If you have no luck email me and I can either scan the page you want or if you pay for it have Kinko's photocopy the entire manual and sent it to you.