Sony STR-DE598 as a Rotel replacement - :-

My Rotel 1066 receiver died yesterday - as far as I can tell, a bare speaker wire got loose and touched the case, causing the receiver to short out. The power LED comes on but that is it. I had been switching out some speaker wires for my front speakers and must have caused one of the rear speaker wires to come loose. In other words, this was my own *&*!> fault.

I had every intention of replacing the Rotel later this year or sometime early next year, but was planning to have it around until then, and was hoping to sell it for something reasonable. Sigh. Any one want a receiver for cheap that can only be used for spare parts?!?

With only about $200 to spend (not that I was planning to spend it like this) but desperate for a receiver, I went to Circuit City and picked up this el cheapo Sony 6.1 surround sound receiver. Well, at least it works and I'll have HT capabilities until I can get the receiver I really want.

I'm just forcing you to share my sorrow with this post. I imagine I'm not the only one to have such an experience - I just wish I had noticed the speaker wire before pressing the power button.

You did check fuses didn't you? If you are VERY lucky you only blew a fuse. Good luck.
I agree that you should open the Rotel and check the fuses before you write it off. I replaced two fuses in a Rotel integrated just last weekend after a speaker short blew out one channel and then I (stupidly) switched the speaker leads trying to isolate what was going on. The fuses were easy to find on the circuit board near where the AC lead came into the amp and a quick check with a multimeter confirmed they were fried. A $2 trip to Radio Shack got everything going again.
No, I didn't check the fuses. :-o I will do so today. I guess I wasn't thinking clearly - thanks for pointing out what should have been obvious, but wasn't!

The fuses were fine. I took the receiver in to the shop yesterday for repair.

I really lost it last weekend when my receiver died. I have the RSX 1055 receiver, not the 1066 (do they even make a 1066 receiver?!? I don't think so) and it is still under warranty, so I didn't need to panic at all. DOH!

I still plan to replace the Rotel, but it looks as if I will be back in business before too long. The Sony can go back into its box and I'll just keep it as a stand by - or return it to the store if I get my Rotel back in time. The Sony really doesn't have the connections I need, no pre-amp section, etc. - but what can you expect for a receiver that is < $200? It actually does a pretty good job, considering.

My Rotel is back from the shop and working. :-) Two transistors failed and were replaced - warranty work so all free. No other damage found and - probably my imagination or just because of the change from the Sony - it sounds better than ever. Needless to say, I was very careful with the installation of my rear and center speakers (all bare wire connections) and checked twice before plugging in the power cord!

I still plan to replace the receiver or go with a pre/pro or..... but now I can wait for a while to find what really improves the sonics of my system instead of buying out of desperation.