Sony STR-DE305 Amp


I found old speakers while I was moving to new flat in my apartmant storage. SONY SS-D902AV, my father's oldies... I don't want to just sell or throw them, I want to use them in my room and it is like 20-25 square meter. I found second hand Sony STR-DE305 in good condition and price. I actually just need an advice to buy. I am also curious about the difference between STR-AVR amps. Is it correct if I say STR is a Stereo Transmitter Reciever for stereo music from any source and AVR is an Audio Video Reciever for Home Theater (5.1 or 7.1..) to watch movies or any visual audio stuff..

Any ideas, appreciated !

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Thank you very much for you response ! Then I will buy SONY STR-DE305.
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