Sony STR-DA9000ES -- how good an amplifier?

It looks like the Sony STR-DA9000ES is available from a number of reputable sources for a bargain price ($2300 when it lists for $4500). Is Sony replacing this model?

Also, it's rated for 200wpc and apparently uses class-D digital amplification that I'm not familiar with. However there's a recent, very positive review in The Perfect Vision.

Here's the question: I don't currently have a surround system (it's in progress) but just bought a pair of B&W Nautilus 801's for the fronts. I'm curious: is there any hope of driving these speakers with this amp? My current amp (Nakamichi PA7, also 200wpc but a reasonably good current source) is pretty long in the tooth but actually does a decent job (the speakers aren't even broken in yet but sound wonderful). Is "digital amplification" just out of the question here? Since I don't have surrounds yet, does it make sense to use four channels of this 7 channel beast to biamp the 801s or is the power supply the limiting factor?

I guess the alternative is one of the multichannel Parasound/Adcom/B&K amps but I really like the feature set of the Sony STR-DA9000ES (DVI switching!) at this price. I just want to know if I'm way off base by considering it.
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wouldnt directly know but had a lot of sony amps over the last 30 yrs, enough to notice the drop in build quality of the es products. my hunch (educated) is that the sony isnt even in the same league as the nak. no experience of digital amps but know enough to trust nelson pass over the computer boffins. would strongly recommend you forget the "surround" idea if you are a music lover.if you can afford to retire nakki then suggest you look at a passlabs x150 ps, i'll buy nakki if you want her to have a nice cosy home n some new cappies..... kind regards, ian
The 9000ES seems to be a pretty good receiver.

From my other post that I replied to regarding the Sony 7100ES receiver:

I have a few asian magazines showing multiple owner setups and reviews using a Sony 9000ES receiver. One magazine reports writes an article where they goe to an owner's house using the 9000ES receiver which powers a pair of B&W Signature 800 + Signature HTM + four 704 for surrounds in a Qualia setup (TV & PJ).

Even at this demo Sony HS-60 Projector demo, the Sony 7100ES powers 3 PMC IB2's and the room is huge! Those PMCs are power hungry just like N802s.

I think these new high-end receivers CAN power some of the bigger monsters. However, you may not get the great quality 2 channel you are desiring.