Sony SS-NA2ES surprise!

Hi guys, today was one of those that accidentally I discovered a hidden Gem...
Auditioning speakers like Triangle Delta, alpha, KEF reference 3, Amphion top of the line and many others I came across this Sony pair.
I knew already from NY audio show 2014 Sony was my favor room but it was the upper series with passlab electronics.
Honestly I am blown away by this Sony speakers, I am wondering why they are not more popular in the audio community?
I am coming from good speakers like Harbeth different models, big Dali's, and AZ crescendos and honestly the Sony SS-NA2ES opened my ears to a different level of appreciation of the under appreciated gear.

I had decided to open this forum topic to hear from others. I am positive I can't be the only one with this pleasant surprise.

Kind regards and follow your ears always..

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I reviewed them in 2014, and yes, they are superb.The triple tweeter is executed extraordinarily well. One of the more beguiling small speakers I have heard. 

Thanks Doug!
I am glad to hear that I am not the only Robinson in this Island.
I went to audition several speakers and I ended up liking the Sony over them all. I knew from the NY audio show 2 years ago that they were amazing, of course were not this model I think was the  SS-AR2 but they certainly share a lot in common.
Doug, you probbably can explain to me why do you think they did not sale at all in the US?

By the way, not the first time a triple tweeter like that has been done. If it's what I've seen before (Advent? Adcom?) then the crossover is a lot like a 2.5 way speaker, but it's the tweeter and midrange, instead of the mid and woofer sharing a range.

The design causes deliberate lobing of the high frequencies, improving details.  Great for untreated or minimally treated rooms.

Good for Sony for resurrecting an old shtick and executing it well. :)
Mountain is right, the Sony NA2ES speaker incredible. 
Doug - you reviewed the 5 which is the stand mount. The 2, that mountain is talking about, is the floor stander. 
Ive owned the Sony for awhile and wouldn't get rid of them under any circumstances. Once again, the Sony name gets no respect but these are one of the great undiscovered secrets in the speaker world. The sense of space and cohencery is really something plus they aren't too large for a floor standing and are gorgeous. 
Yes, I reviewed the stand mount speaker, but have heard the floor stander, which is the sibling, so to speak. Both are terrific.  I have no information on particulars of Sony's sale of the speakers in the U.S. I do know that subsequently they placed a lot of emphasis on the higher models at shows. 
Sony ES came back in a huge way w/ these speakers. Those older ES speakers from the 90's are still excellent as well. Happy Listening!
I've been eyeing these speakers for a while but unfortunately have not had a chance to hear them. Can anyone describe the sonic signature? Warm, bright, romantic, involving, etc?
Would be interested to hear about their sonic signature. When I’ve heard them at a RMAF they seemed bright to me, unlike their AR big brothers. 
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