Sony SS-M9-P Stereophile Review

I'm considering buying these speakers but am able to find very little critical literature, and distance prevents listening.

In September 1996, Stereophile reviewed them. I'm seeking help: 1) Does anybody own these and/or have general opinions about them? 2) Can anyone help me attain a copy of the Stereophile review? It is unavailable to me as a non-subscriber. I would subscribe but timing is involved in speaker transaction. 3) Other reviews available?

I understand that ancillary equipment matters but I intend building a new system around the speakers if I decide to buy them.

You now have access to the review. For the other half of your question; I have the SS M9B, not the SS M9P. The P designates the 'piano' finish, mine are the black wood grain finish.
I think I mentioned these speakers to you once before, but I could be wrong. I consider this speaker to be one of the true gems of this hobby. A shopper can spend a lot more money and get less speaker. I had the smaller version, the SS M7A (see my review if you are interested) and liked them so much that when I had the chance to move up to the 9's I jumped at it. The musical presentation is just 'REAL' as opposed to what one usually experiences.

I understand that good sound is really room and set-up dependant, but these speakers are the best sounding I have heard in my room. I have heard better speakers, but not very often, and the cost was three times that of the Sony's. The Revel Salon's have the most unbelievably liquid midrange, but overall I can't say they do overything better than the Sony's.

Yes I have done some things to the room to make it more music friendly, but I think the speakers are capable of even more than I am getting if they could be placed in an even better room.

The timbres of instruments is startling on occasion, and at worst enjoyable. The soundstage is tall, wide, and deep. Instruments are small and easy to pinpoint.

I know this is not exhaustive, I'm trying to give a basic summary of the qualities of these speakers. I'm not sure what you're using now, but I believe you will be surprised and happy with what you hear from the SS M9P's.
Thanks, fellas. However, that link is for a different speaker, the SS-M9ED. I need the review from September 1996 for the SS-M9P. Can anyone help further? Thanks again.
The M9 ES speaker got a high class b rating with state of the art bass, a clear linear, accurate, grain free midrange and clear treble. The sound is very holographic, accurate bass, great detail and certainly not a bright speaker, just very natural sounding. I now have the M9 ED speakers which are a class A speaker and I haven't heard anything that makes me want to change. I still own the M9 ES, and they sound familiar, but I sure like my M9 ED's