Sony SCD777ES skipping problem

My Sony 777 is skipping on several CDs. Actually, what it does is "hang" in one spot and repeat a very short half-second segment endlessly. Some of these discs have visible scratches, but this never seemed to bother any other CDP or transport I have used. No problems with SACDs so far, but I don't have that many. Anyone else had this problem with the Sony? Do you think it needs to be serviced? Thanks. Dan.
mine will do that on occasion, but after a good cleaning of the disk problem solved. I do have a real old CD that does have a scratch, and it won't play, but other then that very happy with the unit
I would do as the post above suggests. Try cleaning your discs and then give them a shot. If the majority continue to "repeat", you either need new discs or may want to get the player checked out. It's possible that you might have accrued just enough dirt on the laser lens to impede its' performance under marginal conditions, such as scuffing, scratching, discs cracked in half, .... : ) Sean
Check with Sony. I've heard they had a software update.
I owne'd the Sony SCD-1 for an even year and I know first hand that while a great player they are not the best at dealing with scrathced or less than ideal discs. It sounds like you simply have a disc that is slightly damaged. Other players will deal with them easily, but the mechnism in the Sony is very sensitive to scratched media.

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If the problem persists or gets worse I suggest returning the unit to SONY for repairs. I experienced the same problem with the SCD-1. Sony replaced the motor.
This is strange. I have never had a tracking problem until today when my 777ES did the same thing on 2 different discs. I am difinitely keeping and eye on it and will send it in for service if the problem persists while it is still under warranty.
Great feedback everyone, thanks. I tried washing the most recent problem disc today and darned if that didn't fix it. Nevertheless, it's annoying and not something I've encountered with other players. Part of the appeal of CDs has always been that you don't have to treat them with kid gloves. Or so I thought. --Dan