Sony SCD777ES laser assembly repair

Apparently my beloved Sony SCD777ES needs a new laser assembly. I found a new at twice the cost of the original price from Sony when available. Supply and demand is a bi*ch when you're desperate. Anyhow. My question is - has anyone with a Sony SCD-1 or 777ES ever replaced their lasers with success? I've read something about alignment headaches. Etc.
Time to move on, junk the 777. Repairs, if they work, are just too expensive. Sony typically charges about %400 to make the change. Best to consider a new Oppo.

lucky for you there is a plethora of intel on the web about this player. Additionally, phone Sony's repair facility in Laredo TX, ask for Adrian.

Happy listening!
Have replaced a few in AudioAero Capitale SACD players - pretty straight forward once I figured out how to do it.

Sony KHS180A Laser

Above a link to a new one, pretty pricy but shipping form Germany

And heres a used one, I find the wording in the ad funny - When you find it is faulty - in place of - if :-) however he has sold a few of them

Used Sony Laser Pickup

Best of Luck

That's unfortunate :/

Like a the previous poster said, there are some options and if you eBay KHS-180A there will be a used and a new version for $180 and $350 respectively (yes, very pricey).

There is also another thread on audiogon with some good info

and a DIY approach on diyaudio forum. If you google "Sony 777ES laser" it will be in the top two results.

I've been looking to get an SCD-777ES but they are still quite pricey and the more research I have done the more worried I became about it's laser.

I think the player is awesome, and the engineering is amazing and I would love to have one.

I am even considering buying one that has a laser issue and trying to repair it myself. Anyone? hehe
FAO Pbnaudio

Would you be so kind to provide instructions for the replacement of laser head for SCD-1?

Thank you