Sony SCD777-ES Custom output setting

I want to intergrate my new SACD player into my system. I already use the CD digital output (16/44) into my upsampler (24/96 output) into my TACT RCS 2.0 (digital pre-amp/DAC) with excellent results. My question is, Can I use the analog output for SACD set to "CUSTOM" through my A/D convertor (24/96 capable) into the upsampler (set to bypass) into the TACT RCS 2.0 to my power amp (LLANO HYBRID), without fear of damage by the wide bandwith? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Adam
Call your amp manufacturer, but I have yet to hear of anyone having problems using the Custom bandwidth setting.
Agrre with Jtinn, exeptone point. Your tweeters are in danger as well. Simple physics. You can heat them and smoke them. Call to your Speaker manufacturer. Another point, many miss on this one. If one of your front component(pre/power amps and speaker crossover) has limited bandwidth then they filter everything above their cut-off point (Thus SACD 50kHz filter is simply piece of junk in the signal pathway degaring the purity of the signal). For example my pre amp banwidth is 400 kHz but power amp is only 80kHz, so up to 80 kHz I am sase. If I change poweramp I would have to again call to manufacturer. Good luck!