Sony SCD1 compatible with S.F. P-3 ??

I just bought the Sony SCD1 and have plugged it into my Sonic Frontiers Processor 3 via a transparent Reference digital cable with RCA connectors. Guess what, no Music????!!!!. Has anybody had this problem? I have a Bel Canto DAC 1.1 and it did work connected to the SCD1. I also connected my Processor to a Pioneer DVD 434 and it worked too. What is going on?? Help.
Call the factory.They can give you better advise than people who dont own the product
I'm assuming you must know the SCD-1 has a button to turn on/off the digital out?
Yes, I pushed the button. I called Sonic Frontiers and they told me it could be that the Sony's output transmitter could be out of tolerance levels or too much jitter could do that too. They said that cheap cd players usually present those kind of problems. Thanks, John
I have an SCD-1 and SF Processor 3 which I have been using together for a year now with no problems. I use an Illuminati RCA connection and made sure to choose the RCA input on the P3. Also, check that you plugged the RCA cable into the correct P3 jack since the 2 RCAs are next to each other. Barring that, you may have to determine which unit may be the lemon. Good luck.
Classicjazz: I would be interested in knowing how the p-3 sounds compared to the internal dac. I have a 777ES and have been thinking about trying the p-1/p-3 combination.