Sony SCD XA9000ES vs SCD-1 or XA-777ES

Has anyone actually compared the sound (both redbook CD and SACD) between the new Sony SCDXA9000ES and its predecessors the SCD-1 or the XA-777ES? A salesperson at American Theatre Systems, which advertises on Audiogon, told me that the SCDXA9000ES sounds better than all its predecessors.

I am interested in a great CD/SACD player in the $2200 range (new or used price) that can far exceed the red book CD performance of the already excellent Arcam CD23T and at the same time deliver SACD performance on par with the SCD-1.
My comparison of the XA9000ES and the XA777ES will appear in the April Stereophile.
I don't know if you would be willing to consider something like a Denon DVD-5900 (street price roughly $1,550), plus some modifications from some of the many accomplished modders out there who works with Denon pieces. Even the stock 5900 seems to be well-liked by most people who hear it, and I'm sure mods make it even better.

Of course, I eaglerly await Kal's 4/04 review of the Sony units, as well.
I am also interested to hear the SonyXA9000es.I want
to know how good it is,because I have my Sony 9000es
modded by Modwright,the result is very very good.I listen
to Trivista Sacd player.I did not miss it at all.
I believe there is a review of the new player (with some comments about the previous model) in the February issue of Gramophone.
Well, JA did review the XA9000ES in the December 2003 issue of Stereophile but my head-to-head comparison with the XA777ES will not appear until the April 2004 issue.
which ones play CDRs?

Dunno but I can find out this weekend.
The XA777ES and SCD-1 both play CDRs. Don't know about the XA9000ES, but I expect that it will.
Great question..... April seems a long time away. I'm paticularly interested on which does better with redbook cds
The XA9000ES plays CD-Rs just fine.
Can't make a comparison, but some early feedback on the XA9000ES:
I have had it on constant burn in for only four days, so hopefully way to soon to tell. after a full listening session last night, I am.....worried. (The 9000 replaces my Perpetual Tech. two box affair with transport. I have also throughout the last year and a half progressed through the Sony 755 entry SACD player, and the wonderful Yamaha DVD-S2300 combi-player.) As of last night, The Sony exhibits about the same low bass as the 2300, but far more power and definition in the mid to upper bass. The midrange is without question higher in resolution, texture, depth and palpability than the 2300. (Exactly what the extra money should purchase). The highs show a touch more purity, and greater "bloom". Much more of the "detached from the speakers" launch into the room.
The problem? Well, everything has a pervasive layer of ice in the upper midrange/lower treble. Decidedly not what I expected out of this machine. I really hope this is just break-in!
Also: The bass management is anything but "advanced". Surround level setting is a pain. Sure, the 9000 emits discreet pink noise for all channels, but when you actually go to set the levels, as in setting the rear levels, it plays both front and rear, at the same time. You also can't individually set L/R rear levels. Something that even the Yamaha RXV-2400 reciever will do.
The remote is simply not what should be supplied with a $3k player IMO.
I'll give this player a couple more weeks burn in and post further thoughts.
For setup, use a separate test disc so you can control the test signals.
Hi John,

I just order mine and I am feeling quite anxious with your comments. are your first impressions confirmed?


It will be fine if it's better then the XA777ES, (my unit); a good power cord removes that "ice." My feeling now that all is said and done: I should have bought just about *any* 2 and 5 chan SACD player ($1000) and then a good stand-alone CD player. Though I haven't touched a redbook CD in months since getting an SACD player.