Sony scd-xa777es vs scd-777es?

One is top loader, one is front loader. Are there any sonic differences? Pros/cons?
SCD-777ES is single ended version of SCD-1. SCD-XA777ES is later model with multi channel output. Sound wise I would think the XA5400ES is better than either of them. ;)
Should not be as the chip set in each is the same. Whether the spinner on the top loader is better is an open question, some claim it has lower jitter. I have the front loader and I did listen to the top loader a long time ago, finding no difference then. If you compare the factory spec's there is real no difference, but since all these machines are in the used market it is hard to tell whether the current condition meets the original spec. As an aside, the top loader's have had a worst service record.
10-10-10: Buconero117 writes:
Should not be as the chip set in each is the same.
I don't think that's true.

I own a modified SCD-XA777ES. I also have a stock XA5400ES, and agree with Jylee.

I had a SCD777ES; I didn't much like it vs. my Accuphase DP75V and Meridian 508.24 at the time (though the bass was better than the Meridian). I also think the 5400 is better with grainless, liquid mids.
(I have a 5400, not yet fully broken-in, but I moved to EMM and will probably sell it when I get around to it.)
I have the XA777es and think it sounds just great, at least too me. Have not heard the 5400es, but have grown sick of trying to keep up with the latest and just enjoy the music.