Sony SCD-XA777ES or SCD-1

Current player: SONY DVP-S9000ES. Considering upgrading to one of these:

- SONY SCD-XA777ES new, $2500
- SONY SCD-1 Used, but mint, $2500

Amplification is PASS LABS Aleph P + 3 + 0s (bi-amp)
Software: 90% CD, 10% SACD
Musical Types: Jazz and Rock

What do you think?
They're some upgrade paths for the 9000es that are worth investigating that make it an excellent player.
I personally own a xa777es and while it is a very, very good player, I am now considering investing in a CD only player. I really don't think SACD is going to fly or reach expectations. Even Sony is backing off somewhat now in some of their latest comments. I personally own about 12 SACD's and probably 400 CD's. I have handpicked the SACD's and they do sound better than most CD's. However, a lot of SACD's are not really any better than their CD counterparts.
So, after saying all of that, I would look for an excellent universal player or upgrade the 9000.
The SCD-1 is an excellent player but it is getting older (even though it is built like a brick house)removing SACD from the picture, they're better CD only players to be had.
The xa777es is no longer available and has been replaced with the xa9000es selling for about $2100. I personally heard no really definable differences in the two players. The main difference is in a couple of more features and slightly better multichannel(and I do mean slight)performance.
DVP-S9000ES is a fine player. There is a large market for them on A-gon for a reason. It would be a mistake to replace it. It came from a better era of ES gear when sound quality, build quality and value for the $ was top priority.

Thanks for the answers!

Bignerd100, above 'fine' there are other levels of satisfaction, like 'very good', 'excelent', 'superb'.
I agree with you that the DVP-S9000ES is fine on redbook (and excelent with DVD), but I am not entirely satisfied. In a comparison with a XA7ES and a Meridian 508.24, it lost to both.
I suppose (I may be wrong) that the SCD-XA777ES is better than the CDP-XA7ES playing CD's. If do, it may be the CD-player I am seeking.

Bigtee, I live in Europe, and to modify the 9000, it would have to be a DIY kit. Also, on my country, the XA9000ES costs $4000 street price. I am looking for a all-rounder machine and not a CD Player that is magical on some types of music but fails completely on other types.
May I ask what CD-Player are you considering to replace the XA777ES? Meridian G08?
Two years ago, I purchased an SCD-1, though I also have a 9000ES for video. I purchased it because it was a "statement" player from Sony. I viewed (and continue to view) the SACD capability of the player as a bonus, not the sole reason for buying it (although first-rate SACD's sound phenomenal on it). I have been entirely pleased with the player, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. I particularly like the feature of being able to select among digital filters-depending on the recording, this is a very helpful feature. I would definitely go with an SCD-1.
I have an XA7ES, S9000ES and and an SCD-1. All basically Stock. The SCD-1 is the best, on redbook and SACD. (as would be predicted. ) I did A/B/C comparisons with all 3, level-matched. It was not subtle between XA7ES and SCD-1, the SCD1 bettered XA7 on redbook significantly.

Sony, I am currently looking at a Wadia 861se(I'm also looking at the Musical Fidelities Tri-Vista player.) I sold a Meridian 508-24 to purchase the Sony for SACD purposes. The xa777es pretty much holds its own with that player. Its not better, just different. The Meridian has a warmer, more relaxed sound where the 777es isn't analytical, it's just more in that direction. I also owned a Sony SCD-1 and really didn't care for it(for the price.) I sold it to buy the Meridian. I know a lot of people like the SCD-1 but it just wasn't MY cup of tea. On CD's, I much prefered the Meridian sound although I did feel the Sony had a little more soundstage width(it also added a slight edge to the beginning edge of voices in my system.)
In your particular case, I would opt for the SCD-1 or the xa777es. Which one would depend on the system it would be used in.
Consider the Marantz SA-14.
SCD-1 as TRANSPORT only to outboard dac for redbook. I am finding the Audiologic 24MXL dac simply fabulous. SACD is good on the SCD-1, but with the above suggestion, you would have all the bases covered (budget-dependent suggestion of course).
I agree with all the opinions. Thanks!

About SONY Transports:

Models CDP-XA7ES, SCD-777ES and SCD-1 use a floating suspension chamber-transport mechanism with a brass weight securing the disk in place. The optical group is fixed, the disk moves (and spins).

Now, more recent models SCD-XA777ES and SCD-XA9000ES use a different mechanism (without the brass weight). But the catalog description says the optical group is also fixed.
Is this transport better? DO you know how it works?