Sony SCD-XA5400ES-Best SACD for under $10,000

This Sony player supplanted my Ayre C5-XE 3, which I still have, months ago. I paid $6000 for the Ayre after determining that it was the best-sounding unit for under $10,000. The Sony blows it away!!!
A unit costing $1500 besting all others under $10,000? That is exactly what it does!
For reference, I am using Audio Research electronics and Vandersteen speakers and subwoofers (about $30,000); a similar system has repeatedly been lauded as "best of show" at CES, so we are NOT talking second-rate stuff here.
This Sony is the only SACD/Cd player I have EVER heard that puts a classical piano live in my living room; nothing I ever had before even comes close.
This unit is a small miracle. I would have gladly paid $8000 for it, but if they want to give the thing away for $1500, who am I to argue?
This unit is going to send the engineers at Audio Research, Luxman, Esoteric, and Ayre back to the drawing board; their current units at 4 to 5 times the price are not even close. Some engineer at Sony is a freaking genius!!!
And, now, of course, this interface prevents me from editing or deleting my posts despite being logged in. So, I guess, both posts will remain despite some redundancy.

My older Simaudio Eclipse (2002 model) sounded more larger and dynamic. 5400 has great midrange, compared to Sim, its thin sounding. For the price 5400 good, but more expensive players better.
Even CD on Sim sounded better to me than SACD on 5400. Just my opinion. This is a subjective opinion. Others may feel differently.

I'am a Master Gardnener and there are quite a few different types of Garlic and they all taste different.So unless you grow your own no way to know for sure what you are getting.Even if you grow only one type changes in the amount of sun and water it gets will change the flavor.
So how can you predict how it will taste/sound?

I have a Sony on the way and I will for sure listen to what I just purchased before even considering any other option.
I'm with mr Tennis on this one. He is not necessarily buying the "mod". He is in the market for a tube player and has a budget of $3,500. So you look at the contenders in this space and a modded sony is one of them. He is not interested in a $1,500 solid state player.

In food analogy; you want to go out for a Italian dinner on a $50 budget and are thinking of getting saltimbocca at Restaurant "Mama Sonia". Would you order their $20 pasta dish first to make sure their cooking is OK, and get the saltimbocca on a second visit? No. You order the saltimbocca and if you don't like it you never come back.
ss and the classic tube sound do not sound the same. if i prefer a certain coloration, i am confident that the sony doesn't have it.

i would be willing to do a test comparing the stock sony 5400 with the modded sony and bet that i would prefer the modded sony.

in life when making choices it is too time consuming to listen to all products.

there have been very few solid state prodducts i have heard that i would want to own. thus my confidence is that the sony would be bought and modded, without listening to the stock version.

kal would you take me up on my wager. i happen to prefer a tube flavor using nos tubes. what is the purpose in listening to the stock sony ?

i will be able to criticize its flaws but that is a waste of time. i can't think of anything that i would learn that is of great value.

back to the garlic situation. i did not say every food should have a garlic flavor, only broccoli.

nor did i say anything about recordings.

obviously a classic tube flavor is like a tone control. changing the tubes changes the sound. you can't change the sound on a stock sony unless you make some change to the player.