Sony SCD-XA5400ES-Best SACD for under $10,000

This Sony player supplanted my Ayre C5-XE 3, which I still have, months ago. I paid $6000 for the Ayre after determining that it was the best-sounding unit for under $10,000. The Sony blows it away!!!
A unit costing $1500 besting all others under $10,000? That is exactly what it does!
For reference, I am using Audio Research electronics and Vandersteen speakers and subwoofers (about $30,000); a similar system has repeatedly been lauded as "best of show" at CES, so we are NOT talking second-rate stuff here.
This Sony is the only SACD/Cd player I have EVER heard that puts a classical piano live in my living room; nothing I ever had before even comes close.
This unit is a small miracle. I would have gladly paid $8000 for it, but if they want to give the thing away for $1500, who am I to argue?
This unit is going to send the engineers at Audio Research, Luxman, Esoteric, and Ayre back to the drawing board; their current units at 4 to 5 times the price are not even close. Some engineer at Sony is a freaking genius!!!

(note: i never heard the stock went straight to MW)
I have never understood that.

Kr4, "I have never understood that."

Kr4, "I've never understood that"

I would have thought you burn in the stock unit first,that way you do not to subject the tubes to the added hours?
I would have thought that one would want a decent period of experience with a product before even considering a modification.

hi kal:

consider the food analogy.

if you prefer a dish with a certain flavor, you don't tate it without that flavor. rather, you ask for the flavor.

in audio, if you prefer the flavor of tubes, there is no need to listen to the stock player before sending it out for modification.