Sony SCD XA-5400ES connection question

First of all, the equipment involved is a Simaudio Moon i3.3 Int. Amp and the above mentioned Sony SACD player.

Does the player output simultaneously via its balanced out and coax digital out?

I believe the digital out outputs only the CD layer.

Depending on responses, I want to connect the Sony digital out to the i3.3 digital input and the Sony balanced out to the i3.3 balanced input.

When playing a redbook cd, my i3.3 source input would then be set at coax digital input and when playing a SACD my i3.3 source input would be set at balanced input.

Before buying a coax digital cable and possibly damaging either the player or the amp, I need your input as to the feasibility of such a plan. Thanks for all responses.
1. The digital and analog outputs are simultaneously active (unless you turn off the digital output switch).
2. Yes, the coax digital connection only outputs the CD layer.

Your plan will work but, when you have it hooked up, compare the two on CD to see whether you really prefer the digital connection.