Sony SCD-C555ES or Sony SCD-c222ES

Has anyone owned both of these and if so, how do you compare the sound quality on both SACD and CD?

I've owned both units.
The 555 is clearly superior in all aspects.
The 222 is decent,but its far from a 555
Ditto, Dragonhorns
How about in build quality?
555 is twice as heavy.
much better damping..less vibes
I have both and I prefer the C55ES. But you should know that some early 555ES' (like mine) have issues with the transport that causes them to occassionally make a mechanical thumping noise when playing SACD's. Sony service (Bristol, PA) was unable to fix this problem for me, either.

So if you get a 555ES try to get one with a later build date (mine was built in 2001).


I have a 2001 C555ES and I found that going through the "Classification by the Layer Configuration" routine for Super Audio CD + CD on page 13 of the user's manual did away with the mechanical thumping/grinding noise. Might have been coincidence, dump luck, or any combination of the two. In case you do not have the manual, here is what to do:

1. During stop mode, press MENU
2. Turn "/AMS/" to until "Layer Select" appears in the display
3. Press "/AMS/" (The current default layer appears).
4. Turn "/AMS/" to select CD or SACD, then push "/AMS/" again. (The default layer setting is SACD).

I went through this in the first place, because my unit was selecting the CD layer over the SACD layer. After I did this, the grinding noise stopped.

Worth a try. Regards, Rich
Hi, and thanks to all. I did pick up a changer I have ever heard!