Sony SCD C333ES / question about internal DAC?

Does anyone know what type of internal dac this older sacd 5 play has in it? Is it a non os type dac?
Have one and qauestion makes me wonder why you are asking.Thinking you could do a drop in chip upgrade?Was suppose to have p[rety good red book to begin with but now I notice nobody wants to upgrade it (when they will do upgades on other models from same time frame).With all chip advances and upsampling I think it may have seen it's day unless one wants multiple and external DAC.
Hi Chazz, I believe Mbort is correct.
I've had mine for 5 yrs or so. It was my main player until I got a AA Cap MkII. I kept it for the sacd and extended back groung play time, also I always liked it. Enough audiophile qualities and a warm presentation always made it an enjoyable listen. Had to downgrade my system, so again it is my only player, and no thoughts to modify it; just curious if the warm presentation is because of a non-os dac design or what is the chip that makes it so. As far as mods, I understand that Rich Kern stopped doing them because they were being damaged during shipping and he tired of the hassle, and Paul at CRL still does an upgrade on them for about $500 which 2 people I've read said were good.
I finally sent an email to a Sony repair tech to see if I could get an answer, but as of yet no reply. I'll post any findings. Cheers, Ted

I've just found a display list of the content of the SCD-C333ES on a chinese website, according to whome the chips are the same as for the SCD-XB940QS (european 2 channel player), that is : Sony CXD9556AQ VC24 Plus digital filter/PLM-DAC and 2 time CXA8042AS current buffer.
I bought a used SCD-C333ES a few years ago. Will newer CD/SACD players sound much better? From what I read, Oppo is not as good as a dedicated CD/SACD. I saw a used Sony XA-5400ES on eBay goes for about $800 but that price is on the high side for me. Actually the specs on the C333ES are similar to the 5400ES.

I bought a fairly recent Marantz AV7005 Preamp, so CDs might use player as a transport with digital out. I am so happy with the improvement of sound with separates compared to my old AVR that am wondering if I can find a better disc player also, or if spending more will have negligible improvement. Thanks.
That early VC24 chip set has it admirers. Some say it makes no difference compared with later, more integrated Sony chipsets, just fewer chips.

One useful feature on some Sony players is a choice of filter cutoffs. One can have a sharp low pass filter or a longer, smoother one. Your system response might make this an important audible change.

I did a big comparison of Sonys vs. an Oppo and found the Oppo a bit more forward and a tad rougher. The Sonys have a smoother texture but the delta is small.