Sony SCD 777ES Really that Good???

I am contemplating purchasing one of the used 777ES models out there or just keeping my Meridian 500 Transport and getting it modified with a superclock etc.

Any thoughts out there on this one? Are these sony players that good? If so, why are there so many on the used market? Or can a modified meridian 500 transport and good dac blow the doors off of a one box 777es???

On redbook CD, I imagine your transport, as modified, and a GOOD dac, can outperform the Sony in its stock form, principally because the Sony's analog output stage sounds like, well, a Sony, good but not great. Figure the sound quality of the Sony to be in the Wadia 830/850 league, probably. But your transport/dac can't play SACD, which significantly outperforms CD when played through the same output stage, and if you modify the Sony with the superclock, etc. (see the various threads now about modifying SACD players) it will outperform most if not all CD players out there, depending on how much you're willing to pay to have changed.
Rcprince is right. SCD 777ES with mod will outperform most if not all CD players out there and you have SACD benefit for your future.
I got an SCD-777ES a couple of weeks ago. Before I bought it I listened to LPs almost exclusively. I find I have been listening to a lot more CDs and SACDs since making the jump. Even redbook CDs sound considerably better but SACD is darn close to the sound quality of vinyl. There are many mods out there for the SCD-777ES which look pretty good. I've been tempted but so far I've resisted. If you can buy a good SCD-777ES used go for it. I doubt you'll be disappointed. If you go with some of the mods, let me know what you think of them.
Boy Nrchy, I wish my 9000 ES sounded that good. My analog still murders it.

Either my analog is better than yours or the 777ES is a lot better than the 9000ES
Yes, it's that good.
I've had my SCD777ES for quite a while now. I also have a Sonic Frontiers SFD2MKII tube DAC. Lets say that for me, I can switch between the SF and the Sony output stage for redbook and they are damn close, and my Sony is unmodded.
And then theres SACD, which is another story entirely!
As to sale of the SCD777ES, I think not!

Your a funny guy Albert. So many of us appreciated and enjoyed the effort you made to share your system. It really is wonderful to see someone go all out like you have. I can only imagine how wonderful your system sounds with either LP or CD as source. And I suspect few of us have ever heard either source sound as magnificent in the home as you have. I just had to laugh at your comment, "My analog still murders it."

With a soon to be delivered Muse Model 8 transport paired with my ARC DAC3 II, it will be interesting to hear how much closer this comes to my Clearaudio Ref/Koetsu Rosewood Sig combination. I expect to be mightily happy with the CD sound...but ....... we'll see....or is that hear?

If anyone has any experience with my CD system vs. the new SACD models, modified or not, I would be interested to learn more.
A friend of mine has the 9000 and took my SCD 777ES home for a couple of days. His girlfriend sat down and listened. A couple of minutes into the session she said she would be willing to work some overtime to help pay for the SCD 777ES. The 9000 is a good player but the 777 is that much better. As far as Albertporters comments go; I have about as much invested in my analog rigs as the 777 costs but the Sota Star/ Rega RB 900/ Benz Glider still sound better. I still find analog to sound much more like live music.
Can I use a regular 2 DAC on this player?
The reason I ask is to get the best of both worlds.
On regular CD, the SCD77ES will function as a transport and receive the benefit of my DAC. On SACD I just feed it directly to my pre-amp.
Any info is appreciated.
Atranz: You can. The Sony is a very good transport, and has a coax digital output which will send a 16/44 redbook signal (NOT a DSD signal, though). If you have a really good DAC, it can actually make CDs sound closer to SACD from the Sony's DAC, which I think is why a lot of people don't see what the real difference is between the two technologies, and why some people claim CD is as good or better than SACD. Play them through the same output stage and the differences are there, but a top notch analog stage can make CD quite good in its own right.
Thank you Rcprince...That is what I will do.