Sony SCD-777ES Laser?

Hello, fellow audiogoners, anyone know about laser replacement for the SCD-777ES? I bought the part and a shop installed it, but now they tell me they don't have the calibration disc from Sony as it doesn't read SACD. What should I do now? Send it to Sony? Or find it somewhere else locally? I am in the SF Bay area. Thanks!
If SACD is still dead after replacing the laser, it's likely that the problem lies elsewhere in the transport. 777ES lasers will read & track through a wide range of allignment angles. The test disc helps only to optimize performance.

Send it to Sony, or have the shop dismantle the sled motor and spray deoxit inside, then clean and relubricate all transport bearings & gears.
Un-modded 777ES's don't sell for very much these days,
and the performance of the stock version was never that great (I had one). So it might not be worth repairing.