Sony SCD 777es burn in

Installed a new one in my system yesterday. Is the recommended time 200 hours and is that 200 hours for regular cd's and 200 hours for sacd's? Please let me hear your experience. Regular cd's sound awful right out of the box. Hard to tell with sacd since I have no prior experience.
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I have had the 777es for 3+ months now and am still receiving benefits from burn-in. The cd side was indeed awful for at least 200-250 hours but has opened up nicely at around 300 plus - same for sacd. Simply let it run 24/7 - don't waste your time listening until you have logged in the time. Many have bad mouthed the cd side but I suspect they simply have not heard it properly burned in. To my ears it equals players up to the 5k price point. Also, don't worry about not using the "custom" setting on the cd side - it works well and I have not read of anyone having problems to date. This is remarkable player for the street price. I have owned all the NAIM players (excepting CDSII)and now only have the 777es for digital. The upgrade path here seems to me to be dac's and upsamplers as technology improves and costs come down.
Wait with patience and you will be amazed !!!!!! Both CD and SACD need (it is a must) at least 300 hours brake-in period. The 777es is a great product that everyone is letting pass by. I am very happy with the unit for two months now !!!! Enjoy it !!! Do not pay attention to audiophiles that do not want to accept that we are already in year 2001 and it is a different world (It's a SONY ....)
I owned 777ES and changed them to 9000ES Sony CD/DVD/SACD player for $1,075 ( its transport is much improved, D/A chip, I heard - may be just rumors, is 2nd generation SACD chip. Whatever reason it sounds much better then SCD-1 and 777ES