Sony SCD-777ES as a transport

I am thinking of getting this unit to do double duty as a tranport and a stand alone super audio cd player. I would keep my current d to a and use the Sony as its tranport for normal cd's and use the Sony as a one box player for sacd's. Has anybody done this? Comments plesase.
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That is exactly what I am doing. The Sony is a good transport. It is roughly the equivalent of what I was using which was a Theta Data II Universal. Haven't compared it to the best stuff, however. I found that a Digital Lens also helps for regular CD playback.
I think it is a mistake. I compared the Sony with a Levinson 37, a Meridian 508.24 and an old $300 Rotel. The Sony sounded equal to the Rotel and was not even close to the Meridian or Levinson. I think you should hold off. The prices on SACD players will be coming down shortly and other manufacturers will release their models. SACD is nice, but right now it is not worth it to sacrifice good sound on your CD collection just for a few SACD that are on the market. Also, Sony is the worst with customer service. It will not hold it's value at all.
I absolutely agree with Jtinn. I have tried the Sony as a transport and it is definitely not worth it. Also,why be restricted to the few titles available on SACD. Get a good transport instead and listen to any CD you like.
I'm currently using the sony 777es as a transport with my belcanto dac1. I think it sounds great and I have sacd capability.
Try the Pioneer 414 or 525 as a transport instead. I think you will hear an improvement.
I just sold my SCD-777ES but not due to it being a bad transport,I actually think it's good but not exceptional.I can say that it's the best CD player/transport that Sony has ever made not including the SCD-1, and yes better than XA-7ES. I sold my unit because of the slow progress of having SACD materials to enjoy the unit to it's fullest. Like Marko445 I used the SCD-777ES with a Bel Canto DAC 1.
RMML, what transport did you replace your sony with? What were the results?
I use the Sony SCD 777ES as a transport via Kimber Illumation D60 to Levinson 360S and obtained a very respectable result with them. Mind you that the Sony takes a very long time to break in. Try at least 200 hours for each of the CD and SACD section.
Why would you want to add jitter to the signal? Buy it and use it for CD and SACD and keep what you have too.
Any newer or additional comments on this subject, the 777ES as transport?
i used it as a transport into a counterpoitn da-10 and preferred the units oown dac to that of the counterpoint's. i think people here have prematurely passed judgement on sacd, especially the 777, some without actually hearing them i imagine. it takes a while to burn in so you need to be patient but the end result is worth it. i haven't looked back since i bought my 777.