Sony SCD-1 with P1A/P3A ?

Does anyone have/heard this combo? With the Stan Warren mod? Does it improve Redbook substantially over the already decent performance of the SCD-1?

Any and all comments on the well trod on subject of making the SCD1 better with Redbook would be appreciated.
The Stan Warren Mod was highly recommended by one of the partners at Perpetual Tech. Evidently PT liked it so much that they will honor the warranty after the Mod. It costs $300 and there are a few threads scattered here and there about it (search under Perpetual). You could also call PT, as they do endorse this mod.
I beleive that Dan Wright is the gentleman that Perpetual Technologies has decided to use for mods. I got his card from them at the NY show.Read the review on his modded unit at
I had a SCD 777ES and sold it to buy a SCD 333ES + P3a with Dan Wright Mod and Monolithic supply. (I am waiting til the software comes out for my speakers before I get the P1-a). I have to tell you that the Perp Tech dac BLOWS AWAY the 777es on Redbook CD's and really aproaches SACD performance.This Dac is supper detailed with an incredible soundstage. The 777ES to me sounded rather dry and thin, no matter what I did it never came to life, except with a few of the best SACD's. So try a P3a with your SCD'1. I think you will be very pleased.
Hi All,

I compared the SCD1 with a perpetual Tech dac and with its own dac for Redbook cd's. And in my opinion, the Scd1 with its own dac was much better. The voices were fuller and the bass was tighter. Overall the sound was better than using the Perpetual Technology dacs.

Just my 2cents, Brian