SONY SCD-1 vs the New Generation of Competition

I have an Arcam FMJ CD23T, and must admit I am very disappointed in its sterile playback and lack of tone/bass. I primarily play Redbook CDs, and have read a lot of dated material about the full sound of the Sony SCD-1 in that mode, and am curious to know (1) if the newer generation offerings, IE MF Nuvista or Trivista, as well as any other manufacturer’s models, will deliver the full range (albeit artificial) sound of my Denon 1650AR, but in greater quality (2) also, are the new SCD-1s which are currently for sale improved at all from the original model. Thanks in advance for your opinions.
I had a CD23, non-"T", and had wonderful sound. They did have unit variability, though.

The Sonys are pretty much the same from start to end. You can perform any level of modifications to them and get sound that is better than a lot of todays offerings. Positive Feedback on line magazine has done quite extensive coverage on the mods and the Modifiers themselves. The only step from the Sonys to get better performance is to go to the Meitner DAC's. I have had to ask myself why there are so many Musical Fidelty TriVista'a up for sale. One dealer says there are other units that sound better. But, this is all a matter of taste and system.
I had heard so much about the Sony. I took my Mark Levinson 39 to the store and A/B the two. The salesman tried to give evrey advantage to the Sony but there was no decision. The Sony sounded like a little harsh import. The ML 39 was so suppior there was no desion to which one was the best. It makes you wonder, if it's that bad on red book how much better could the SACD be?
Jwmazur: this is great input and very much appreciated. I too have noted the extensive number of (used and new) TriVista (s) for sale, and considering it is a limited production model, and all the positive press it has received, can't help but wonder what's wrong... I have been printing off everything I've found RE the mods, just in case I end up buying the SCD-1...

I have also read a good deal about the ML 39, and so com152, your information with regard to that model is very helpful to me and very much appreciated also. I certaily will take your advice and explore that prospect further.

Please keep it coming folks!
I currently have the sony 9000es player and have listened to the scd-1 and the 777es models. IMO, Compared to quality stand alone cd players, the sony's can't compete in playing redbook cd's. In sacd playback, in video playback, they are very good. I also heard the 9000es modified by dan modwright and the redbook cd playback sounded excellent. I am in the process of auditioning a DAC with my 9000es for cd playback.
Rbstehno, I received my sony9000es level III mod
tube stage, analog Bybee filters, Amp Direct Mod
with DACT-2 Attenuator.I dont use preamp anymore,
The sound is so musical,sound stage is huge,
instruments are on the place, vocal beautiful.
the bass is tight.Lastly is very natural.The
thing I like is the holographic sound.IMS I like
it, compare when I use my art audio, and Adcom
GFP 750.Dan decided to use the tungsol cryod tube.
I heard the consonance 5k,sacd also, that is good.
I can compare the performance to it.It really
exceeded my expectation.The andra are very happy.
the wife and daughter ARE HAPPY ALSO.
I have a Sony SCD-1. I bought it several months ago. I can't say how it compares to earlier units, but I'm not aware of people clainig major differences.

I think it is a WONDERFUL redbook CD player. I can't say how it compares to the most expensive redbook players, but I have no complaints.
Great info. I probably wouldn't have considered the 9000es, so the knowledge that it can be modified and sound that good is very helpful.
Thanks very much for your input. Its great to hear from someone currently using a recent production model. What unit did you have before the SCD-1, and what do you like most about the SCD-1's sound?
Thanks to all, and please do keep it coming...
If you primary concern is redbook playback, you should look at the quality American made CDPs that focus on that format like the Wadia,Ayre,ML and ARC. They all outperform the Sonys on Redbook.

Thank you very much for your suggestions. Can you name the top two models you think would satisfy my desire for more fullness and body?

I have an SCD-1 that has had the superclock II and transport mods done by Richard kern. I A/B tested the SCD-1 against an Audio Research CD-2 which I have had in my system for several years. Initially the test favored the ARC, but has the Sony has now had several hundred hours of operation, it is now no contest. The Sony sounds so good that I'm beginning to question if I should continue to buy new records. The sound stage is incredible, the bass is unlike anything I've ever heard from a cd and most important, there is a sweetness and musicality that I previously believed could produced by a turntable. I have been an audiophile for more than 35 years and although old habits are hard to change, my modified SCD-1 is doing just that.
checkout a used Cary 306/200, upsampling/HDCD, they can be had for 2200-2500, an absolute steal for this kind of performance.
There is a new conditioner and shampoo combo on the market, I forgot the manufacturer and model number. The manufacturer promises improved fullness, but maximum gains require using the two together. These are WAY better than the Herbal Essence line. BTW, there is supposed to be a three month break-in. If anyone can assist Handymnami with the manufacturer and model #, I'm sure he would appreciate it!
Handymnami- don't know what your budget is, but the Wadia
861 would be my first choice, or a used 860 or 850.
I agree with Jwin, these sony mod they shine,
as they burn in. Although mine right out of
the sounds really really good.In one
week, It became more and more musical, mine has
tube stage.Done by Modright.
Pehare: thanks for the leads on the Cary units. I will check them out.
Jwin/Jayctoy: Your input is very much appreciated, and it appears that if I go with the Sony, and want maximum (even for Redbook) playback, I should go with the mods. I have to admit, the modified Sony is sounding mighty inviting at this point…
Kana813: I saw your posting just as I was getting ready to send the above, and as a result, am even better prepared for my quest. Thanks very much.
Sincere thanks to you all…
Stock SCD-1s are not at all what they turn into with mods. Then there's the issue of break-in - it can take quite a while depending on what mods you got. i agree that you should check Positive feedback for details!

Bob Wood
Handymnami: instead of modifying my sony 9000es sacd/cd player, i purchased a classe cd player with hdcd. I use my sony for dvd and sacd use and the classe for redbook cd's. I am very happy with the classe. read the review in the new stereophile issue about the classe cdp unit.
Woodburger and Rbstehno:

Sorry for my delay in responding; I have been out doing comparisons and making the purchase. I ended-up liking the Cary 306/200 the best and have purchased one.

Thank you all for your help.