Sony SCD-1 vs SCD-777es?

It is getting tougher to find the 777es but the SCD-1 still seems to be available, even under $3k SCD-1 is much more expensive than 777es was more recently ($1500!) but the descriptions on the sony web site don't make them seem that much different. Can any of you comment on first hand experience comparing these two units?
I will be watching the comments on this as well. My only exposure has been to the SCD-1, which was stunning. If the 777es does as well for $1,500.00, it will be the sonic bargain of all time.
I have an SCD-1 and am very happy with it. I heard the two side by side at a dealer, and the SCD-1 did sound better. Somehow the 777 sounded darker, slower and heavier. My first instinct was to think that it was balanced vs. unbalanced cables (I know they had the same brand and model of cables on both, and I'm pretty sure they were MIT, but I don't know which ones), but the dealer felt sure himself that it wasn't just the cables. I can't say, but I can tell you that the SCD-1 is far more sensitive to cable changes than my CD sources are.
if you guys haven't yet, check out the hi-rez forum over at you should be able to find your answers there. the general consensus is that the scd-1 was favored just slightly over the 777 for redbook but were equal in sacd playback. i myself have a 777 and couldn't be happier. these are supposedly loss leader units to sell the format, for little to no profit, to people and gain acceptance in the audiophile scene. the only major benefit to the scd-1 is the hand selected parts and the balanced outputs (which are op amped anyway). they both have the same circuit board and share similar characteristics. in my biased view the 777 is the bargain of all time and is a better purchase than the scd-1 but if you have the money, which i didn't, get the scd-1. both have been discontinued so if you're going to make a decision you better make one fast before these are only available via used websites for the price they were bought new. this is one of the few units that i have ever seen appreciate in cost, interesting i think.
I own the SCD-1. Stereophile recentlly rated the 777ES as A+ (the same as the SCD-1 and the Marantz SA-1). I have not heard the 777ES in my system, however for SACD playback, the reports (see Audio Asylum) seem to indicate that they were very close. Some users claim that the SCD-1 is slightly better on RED BOOK CD playback.

In any event, I feel that the SCD-1 is a magnificent machine on both CD and SACD. If you have an opportunity to buy the SCD-1, go for it!!!
I've owned both and the 777Es is best bang for the buck. Needless to say I sold the SCD1 and the 777 is a keeper.
My hand to god I have all 3 and will bet ANYONE 10 to 1 that they will not hear a difference between the 3.
I have a scd777ES replacing my YBA CD 1and it's a beauty both to behold and to listen to. It in incredibly clean, detail, smoothwithout being clinical. Most posting @ adudioayllum ntes that there is very little difference between the 2. Yes, the 777es is hard to come by these days. It wasn't easy for me getting one but there is from time to time ad posted for sale here. I posted a wnated ad and I was oferred one @ 1866 not too long aga. Try Sound professional in SanDiega. They say thay have a shipment of 5 units coming in. Although I don't know how since Sony has discontinued. As well there is ad for SCD1 at about 2800-2900 in AudioReview. I love my SACD, I hope you will too.