Sony SCD-1 vs Musical Fidelity Tri Vista

Can anyone compare these two players? I already own the Tri Vista and am very happy with it but, I keep wondering if the Sony offers something more. I do listen to SACD quite a bit.

I have owned both and here are my impression. The Sony SCD-1 has a much quieter background and has a more clinical and sterile sound. It does nothing wrong, mind you, just in comparison to the Trivista the sony sounds a bit digital sounding and mechanical. The Trivista has an engaging midrange bloom that lets you feel the emotion of the performers. The Sony seems to skew more to the techincal aspects of the music. The sony by no means is not a slouch but I would take the Trivista any day over the Sony SCD-1. Like i said that is my opinion
I directly compared both players in my system three years ago. My experience matches up quite well with Chuck's - compared to the TriVista, the SCD-1 was somewhat clinical. I also noted a slight touch of steeliness on strings with the SCD-1 compared to the TriVista (which would not have been noticeable without a back-to-back comparison), and a bit more sibilance in vocals with the SCD-1.
Thanks Chuck and Rex. When I was comparing players I never had a chance to listen to the Sony. I just wanted to make sure I was not missing out on something. Your descrition of the Sony sound confirms that I made the right choice. I appreciate your responses.
IMO the SCD-1 modded by VSEI, Modwright, or Reference Audio Mods will murder the Tri Vista, and just about everything else.
I respect your right to your opinion, but is that an opinion based on actually comparing the two in question?

I compared the Modwright version to the MF Tri-Vista, the MF sounds more musical to me.
Here is another question just in case a Tri Vista owner checks this thread again. I bought mine used and it may or may not have a problem. When I close the cd drawer by pushing the button ( not pushing the drawer) there is a hesitation for a second or two before the drawer starts to close. I hear the drawer motor start, but nothing happens right away. When it does start moving the action is smooth and solid until fully closed. Do other Tri Vistas do this?
The VSEI level 4.5 SCD-1 is a dramatic improvement over the stock SCD-1.
I base my overall convictions about the SCD-1's potential on my own experience adapting RAM mods to the SCD-1 (silver transformer passive output stage & Audiocom Invisus voltage regulators & Superclock 3) & adding various other tweaks including full battery operation. This modified SCD-1 is several orders of magnitude above the stock deck & betters my vinyl rig (VPI TNT/Graham/Lyra Helikon/BAT VKP10). My thoughts on the Modwright and VSEI are echoed by various reviewers, particularly in the current issue of Absolute Sound. A Modwright 777ES is the preferred digital source in the cost-no-object Magico horn system profiled by Robert Harley.

Can anyone help with the CD drawer hesitation question?
I have the Tri Vista and it has exactly the same hesitation that you experience.
I am a previous owner of Tri Vista and have encountered much more serious problem of disc reading problem. The dealer in my area who repaired my unit related that the motor requires different speeding in reading CD versus SACD and the unit apparantely has some problem in accomodating the variance. The unit did work very well after the repair but still I eventually sold my unit for sonic reasons.

I am inclined to think that the problem may not be an isolated incidence as the technican that did the repair for my unit told me that my unit was not the first that he repaired for the same kind of problem. A reviewer of hi end magazine also mentioned in one of his article that he encountered similar problem with his own Tri-vista. So consider yourself lucky if you are only having CD drawer hesitation issue.

Both are good SACD player but as a cd-player they are very average. Then you will miss a lot compared to many normal cd players.
I am awaiting the arrival of a used MF tri-vista 21 dac and will use my sony xa777es as a transport for cd and player for sacd. I will pass along my impressions in time