Sony SCD-1 vs Marantz SA-1 choose 1

Well I am starting to cave, and must make a decison soon.
I can get a brand new Sony for SCD-1 from a local dealer ( a good friend too) for $2850 or can get the Marantz SA-1 from the same dealer for $4100. Which one would you choose?
According to the latest review of the Marantz SA-1 in Ultimate Audio, based on double blind tests conducted by two reviewers with mega-buck associated components, they came to the conclusion that they sound absolutely IDENTICAL playing SACD's and pretty close as well playing regular CD's. The Marantz player does however load disks about twice as fast as the Sony.
I've not directly compared, but I preffer the look and feel of the Marantz slightly more than the Sony. Most comments state that CD play is slightly better with the Marantz. You make the choice whether the extra $$ is worth it to you. See earlier thread on "Marantz SA-1 Is it worth it?"
I would buy the SCD-1, and save $1300. The SCD-1 is more solidly built in my estimation. Contrary to what Tommart states, the consensus seems to indicate that the two players are virtually indistinguishable (in both modes) in the same setup.
I thank you all for the great advice.
Topkat .does your sa1 heat up afair bit more than normal
I would go with the SCD-1. For less than the $1300 difference you can get the Super clock II and transport mods from Richard Kern and you will be thrilled. I did and just sold my ARC CD-2 because it couldn't compare as a CD player.
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Research on Audioasylum, there are dozens of reviews between the two, and as far as I can remember the Marantz is the huge favorite from folks actually hearing the two. To my ears, Marantz players always sound better then the Sony counterpart, and are much better built, without a piss poor reliability record that Sony and Philips bosts for their SACD players.
Does anyone who has the contact for the service center or person who will do the upgrade and service for SONY SCD-1? Please advise.
I sent me heavily modified Sony SCD-1 to the Sony service Center in Laredo, TX and today heard they will be replacing the motors, lasers and ROM chip. It seems the local repair centers are indeed not able to secure parts, but the Larado, TX service center is there main repair center, and parts are indeed available.