Sony SCD-1 vs Krell for CD playback

I am considering upgrading my digital front end. I currently use an excellent EAD transport driving the Krell Studio D-A.
Have any of you out there compared the SCD-1 to any of the Krell units for CD playback quality.
I would love to hear from you.

For straight CD 16/44 playback?'s a wash. I've dealt with the Krell and Sony SACD both, and they are pretty close when it comes to playing back standard bit CD's. Super?...another story. The SACD stuff is obviously supperior in general. But things are too close to call for CD's overall...a none factor really.
good luck
I have had the liberty of listening to both in the same system (SCD-1 & KPS). I personally perfer the Krell assuming you are running cast through the KCT. However, if you're not running Cast the SCD-1 gives it a good run for less money.

Happy Listening,