sony scd-1 versus 9000es

have modded vsei scd-1(stage 2) modded-is the stage 4 9000es better than the scd-1 stage 4 mod?
I have not heard the 4.5 upgrade. In speaking with Allen Wright, he says that the scd-1 with the 4.5upgrade gives the player much more resolution. More air and space between the instruments, along with more depth. I have a friend that has the dac6/emm setup. Allan told me that I should compare my scd-1 with his setup when I have the 4.5 upgrade done. He is not saying that the scd-1 will sound better, but he feels it would come pretty close. For $400 to $500 investment, that sounds pretty good to me. Allen posts on Audio Asylum. If you go onto the sacd board, you can ask him about it.
What is the 4.5 upgrade?Everyone that I have spoken to likes the modded 9000 better than the scd-1.I agree that the build quality on the scd is Porsche-like.I had the Linn karik previously-and the stock scd was much flatter sounding and nasal compared to the Linn.The stage 2 modded was much better than the Linn.Slowhand-can you give me any of the sonic characteristics of the upgrade?
I would just have the 4.5 mod done to your scd-1. I have a scd-1 with the same vsei upgrade that yours has. I plan on sending mine in for the 4.5 upgrade. The 9000 is pretty flimsy compared to the scd-1. No way would I give up my scd-1 for a 9000. I have spoke to Allan Wright, Warren Gregorie, and Bill Thalmann about this and they all say that the 4.5 upgrade will provide a major improvement in sound. The 4.5 mod is about $450 to $500 as opposed to MAJOR bucks for a dac6.
I was wondering therefore, how the sony 9000es modded with stage 4 vsei stacked up against the modded scd-1?
I will be more clear.To upgrade my digital front end -I have a few options.I have the atc 150 asl speakers,Levinson 380s and the Scd-1 with a rel storm sub.My sony scd-1 has been modified by Warren Gregoire(vacuum state electronics agent in western US)-it has the stage 2 mod.To improve my stereo I thought of going with multichannel atc speakers,atc subs 6,?emm lab front end viz cdsd/switch 2/dac6e or just keeping the scd-1 and doing a stage 4 mod with vsei and purchasing the Meridian 861 pre. Any feedback?
I'm not sure I understand your question. A few more words would have helped. The technology in the 9000 is marginally better, but the construction, and cabinet in the SCD 1 are better than the 9000.
I would not trade my SCD 777es for the 9000, you should not trade your SCD 1 for the 9000 modded or not.