Sony SCD-1 through headphones novice question

Hello everybody,
I'm an absolute novice, so forgive me if the following questions are too dumb.

I'm about to replace my old CD player with a Sony SCD-1 and will listen to it through headphones only. (currently Sennheiser HD-650 + Musical Fidelity X-CAN V3 headphone amplifier)

I-Can the headphone amplifier be connected directly to the SCD-1 or should it be a pre-amplifier between them?

II-What headphone amplifier would you suggest me to listen the SCD-1?

just connect the SCD-1 the same way you did your old player.
For some of the best results...use SinglePower MPX3 SE to drive your HD-650. Check out and to learn more about headphones and headphone amplifiers. The SinglePower MPX3 is an excellent headphone for low and high impedance headphones.
I agree with Purk. RCA out from the Sony to RCA in on the X-Can. There is a very wide range of pricing for amps. I have been researching myself. Some of the most respected brands are Singlepower, Woo Audio, Ray Samuels, Dark Voice, Little-Dot, Antique Sound Labs and many others. I am using the Sennheiser 600s with an ASL and just purchased a Little Dot for another room. Your budget will drive your decision on amps since they go from $160 to $10,000!
You've been all very helpful. Thanks a lot!
Just connect right to the headphone amp. As far as amp upgrades....I have owned several and auditioned alot more. I enjoy the Singlepowers the most. If you go to and check out the for sale items(amplifiers) they come up used at times.