Sony SCD-1 owners - I/C and PC recommendations?

Hello, will soon take delivery of an SCD-1.
Have previously enjoyed the combo of Kimber Palladian PK-14 and Audioquest Cheetah DBS on my Esoteric DV-50s, would welcome recommendations and experiences from current & past SCD-1 owners on what they liked best.
Thanks !
On my SCD-1 I use a PS Audio Xtreme Statement power cord and for interconnects I use Audioquest Anacondas and have been pleased with the performance of both. I have not done or felt the need to do any experimenting with either cable.

I am happy with Audioquest Amazon (silver) interconnects. They replaced Audioquest Diamond x3s (also silver). (Both are out of production but sometimes available used.) The Diamonds were fast and a little bright on the highs. The Amazons are clear, coherent, and dynamic. I preferred the Amazons, especially with the SCD-1's very neutral and detailed presentation. The combination seems more lively and realistic. I am using a Tice PC-2 power cord, and I have not distinguished any meaningful improvement over Sony's stock cord in my installation.
I have the SCD-777ES, except for the balanced option, electronically the twin of the SCD-1, and after much, much experimentation, settled on Chris VanHaus' Flavor 1 for the PC and his fine silver ICs with Eichmann silver RCAs. The PC had less effect than using a BPT balanced AC line conditioner (I think it is a model 2.5 (???)). In my system, the BPT provided a significant improvement on the music.

BTW: to take the unit to an entirely different level of performance, I highly recommend you consider the VSE level 5 mod---he has another mod, the 5+, that I have not heard, but the 5 allows me to suspend my preference for vinyl when I'm listening to SACDs. There are several reviews of the level 5 on Audio Asylum that provide insight into the mod.
Doesn't it seem a shame to mod such an iconic CD/SACD player? And is anyone really surprised that changing the power cord on a $5,000 unit has no effect? Wouldn't you have expected Sony to supply an adequate power cord?

I am looking for an SCD-1. Wonder if James beat me to the one recently listed on Audiogon?


Yup.......I thought long and hard before I had my SCD-1 modded by having the superclock 3 and the superclock power supply installed along with having the transport caps upgraded. But the improvements are so substantial over the stock player that I have not looked back and have never regretted it. The SCD-1 stock is an average player sonically if just slightly above average. Build quality however is extremely good if not one of the best in the business. As for power cords the PS Audio improved my player in the fact that the background became much blacker. Power cord upgrades have not had any significant improvements on my other components such as amp and pre-amp.