Sony SCD-1 is it the best player for the money?

Do you guys know if the SCD-1 is as good as say a cambridge 840 on redbook, I know on SACD it is s good as a Moon Eclipse playing rebook cd s.
cAMBRIDGE 840 IS GREAT ON RED BOOKS AND BEATS THE FICKLE SCD. I have its cousin xa777es which has 5.1 outputs also. Having recently heard the 840 I can say it best's the Sony's
Thats really surprising, but I wouldn't think it would be close on sacd.
The SCD-1 is a very nice looking unit and built like a tank. That alone gives it some value and the built like a tank thing does translate to some performance gains.

It was a better than average player in its day but it no longer is a real contender and hasn't been for some time. Whether it be SACD or redbook.

However, a well-modified SCD-1 approaches current SOTA in both RBCD & SACD.
Mine drove me nuts with disc read problems. It had vsei mods which sounded very good, but it is not worth the headaches, plus parts are getting very hard to find for the transport. The Northstar transport/DAC that I replaced it with sounds even better than the scd-1 with vsei mods.
I ordered mine already so hopefully it does a good job, and I don't think you can ever win anyway technology keeps changing
plus this player was way over my budget but I figured for the money it was the best I could score, and I could always use it as as transport later on and get a wadia 150 dac if need be in
a few years anyway thanks for the info greatly appreciated.
Sorry in my last response is meant to say wadia dac not wadia 150.
Paul, if you ever want to the improve performance of both DAC & transport sections, consider starting with an Audiocom Superclock 4 upgrade.
I still think the SCD-1's SACD playback is the best for the money, maybe not the redbook playback but it is very difficult to beat the SCD-1 is SACD playback.
Agree with Dgarretson about mods. The SCD-1 is a realy good player/transport that can be upgraded to a great player quite easily. The clock is always a good place to start because jitter, therefore noise, etc is lowered. Darker background always cleans things up a little more.
Hi! Give a look at vacuumstate site. Great info abt the level you can bring this cd player. Cheers
Very few 10 (actually 8 in this case) year old digital components compete with comtemporary products.

Some but not many.