I have one of the above unit which has experienced a disc reading problem. The unit must be switched on and warm up for more than 30 minutes before it can read any disc (either CD or SACD. Please advise reason or comment if anyone has experienced same kind of problem for this model.
I wish that some one will provide the contact of any service or repairing center which can do upgrade and service for this model. Thanks.
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30 minutes. It's got some faulty capacitors. That would be it. pretty much.
Any competent repair tech could locate and replace the offending (cheap) capacitors.
It probably has a bad sled motor. Common problem. I have a 777 that I have not repaired. There is a Sony service center that will fix it. I think it is $279 but you have to ship it.
Sounds like a sled drive motor problem. I have an SCD-1 and had a similar problem and fixed it myself. You need to pick a repair shop who is familiar with this problem and knows how to fix it.

Thank you for posting this thread. I had considered buying an SCD-1 or an SCD-777 but this thread, and others before
it, have convinced me to look elsewhere. I currently have a
CDP-R1/DAS-R1 combo without any issues. Despite the "Built
like a tank" appearance, the SCD units above seem prone to
mechanical issues and are difficult to get repaired.

I would not, not buy a Sony SCD because of these threads. I have a 777, and its killer. Things may break down, but given the amount of units in circulation, its not that bad.

All said and done, there are a lot more working than not.
I had a 777 and an SCD-1. Both would not read a disc from time to time. I discovered that if I left the units powered up 24/7 that I no longer had the problem.
The Sony 5400es is much better than the 777 I had and does not have the same type of transport so there will be no sled problems with this unit.
Once I fixed the sled drive issue (easy fix) I have had no other problems with my scd-1. However, I would be concerned about buying one because of the age and the availability of parts.

Hi Chuck,

Thanks for the information. Would you please provide more information for fixing the "Sled Drive" issue as you mentioned that it's an easy fix.
I guess easy is realative but if I can do it I feel it can't be to difficult. You really should have a copy of the service manual first of all so you know what you are getting into.

- You have to remove the transport and remove the slde drive assembly from the transport.

- Use deoxit on the sled drive motor and run the motor in forward and reverse using a nine volt battery.

- While I was in mine I lubed the sled drive and regreasesd the spindle motor.

The above may sound intimadating but it really isn't as long as you keep your head about you and take it slow and methodical.

If you e-mail me I can send you the service manual e-copy if you like.

Hope this helps.

Try Alpha-Tech Electronics in St. Louis. Possibly one of, if not the best highend audio repiar shop in the country! You can find their info on the web: alphatechstl dot com.
hi ahendler.

the scd 1, in my opinion is a bit fuller sounding than the 777. do you favor the scd1 over the 777? do you favor the scd1 over the 5400 ?

why do you prefer the 5400 over the 777 ?

i have heard both the scd 1 and 777. i consider them robust sounding , not bright and free of digititis, but perhaps, lacking in some resolution.
Try Electronic Express in Chicago

It really sounds like a sled problem to me too because it is caused by sticky grease that gets loose with warm-up. That might cause sled motor failure too, but these motors are regular DC and still available.

Hope you can fix it as its build quality is stunning.

Alex Peychev
I had a SCD-1 years ago, it started to have read errors. I think I talked to Richard Kern about cleaning the sled assembly. I did my own disassembly, cleaning with a lint free cloth and solvent (brake cleaner) and lubed the assembly with a light Teflon oil I got from Radio Shack called Needle-Tip Precision Lubricator, there are probably other brands out there (Super Lube). As mentioned before in this thread, over time the parts get sticky and can’t slide freely. I didn't do anything with the motor and DeOxit but that sounds like a good idea while you’re at it. I am not a stereo gear mechanic and I don't remember if I had a manual but got through it without any issues and my player ran fine after the clean and lube.

Good luck,

That is the problem last I checked when my unit was acting up (about 5years ago) the motor assembly was no longer available nor was it being manufactured. So you are basically SOL if you needed one. Fortunately I was able to fix mine.

Bill Thalmann of music technology is a good source to help fix your Sony SCD-1 if you don't feel comfortable going into the unit yourself. Here is the link