Sony SCD-1 can't read Multichannels Hybrid SACDs

Hi everyone

I'm in trouble with my SCD-1, playing CD, single or hybrid Stereo SACD is Ok, but it can't "find" the Stereo program on the SACD layer of Multichannel hybrid SACD. When I try playing I've just " ERROR TOC* " on the screen.

do u think my player needs a "calibration" ? I know there's a calibration method to run for some Sony players ( using different kind of CDs & SACDs )

thanks for your help
I never had this problem on the SCD-1. I now have a Classe Omega, which is built on the same transport as the Sony, and it also has never had any problem with multichannel hybrids. Your player needs to go to an authorized service center or repairer.
Unplug it and then plug it back in, maybe it needs to reset it's self.
Sounds like either one of the cd or sacd laser head units went south. Sony's only SACD repair center in the USA, is in Bristol, Pa.

If the un-pluging it does not re-set it? Then you may have to pack it up & ship it to Sony. Don't get discouraged as you will not get anyone on the phone who actually knows what a SCD-1 is, but once it gets into the right hands their service is grand.

Good Luck!
While the unit is unplugged, turn the device off and on several times. This should help to fully discharge the capacitors and do a more thorough "reset" of the device. Sean
I don't know if the SCD-1 is the same as the XA-777ES, but I have the service manual for the XA and it indicates the following:

Put a single-layer SACD in, close the drawer, and turn it off. When you turn it on again, it should do some basic realignment. This will work (according to the XA manual) for CDs, single-layer non-hybrid SACDs, and dual-layer non-hybrid SACDs. It will not work for hybrid SACDs.

To set the alignment completely (and to align for hybrids), you need to get the machine into test mode using a combination of buttons, and use the AMS knob to crank the built-in alignment system to do a complete job.

As I said, this is according to the XA-777ES service manual, so it's possible the SCD-1 also does something similar.

Metralla, thanks for the info., I made a copy. I have the xa777.
Hi, Ths to everyone ;-)

> metralla
I've ordered a copy of the service manual of the SCD-1 ( check for it if u need one )
Cause I'm in europe, I'll receive it in 2wks ( it's long ;-/ )
A friend of mine have some kind of the same problems as me with a Sony 940. It told me that, effectively, there is a procedure - using several disc - to re-"calibrate" players

I don't know if I'll wait for my service manual ;-) Maybe I'll try his procedure with my SCD-1 ...